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Get An Aerobic Step for your Home Gym Cardio Workout
A cardio workout is typically performed by doing activities like running, brisk walking, dancing, hiking, swimming, and other heart-pounding sports or recreational movements. But if you are to stay indoors, people rely on common home gym machines like treadmills, elliptical machines, and stationary bikes. But what if your space and budget are too small for those machines? What can you use to help you enjoy shedding calories and pounds in the comfort of your home? Let Home Gym Australia introduce you to the aerobic step – a simple piece of gym accessory that can make a difference in your cardio workout goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's an aerobic step?

By definition, an aerobic step is a piece of fitness equipment that is made of high-quality wood or plastic that is used as a platform to step on in step aerobics. The size differs from one model to another depending on the brand, but it is always made to have ample space to accommodate both feet of the user. It also has a textured surface to prevent accidental slips, and it is well-balanced to bear the user's weight. Some models are created to be a single-layered platform, while others include a height adjustment design by stacking one layer on top of the other.

What are the benefits of step aerobics using an aerobic step?

Cardio Enhancement

Step aerobics is primarily an exercise method that enhances joint mobility and athleticism. However, it is also an effective method of improving your heart health. Study says that regular sessions of step aerobics are equal to an intense running routine. It forces your heart to work faster during each session. The most significant advantage of using an aerobic step is that you don't need an exercise machine or the need to go out of the house to achieve its benefits. You can improve your cardio with a single piece of fitness equipment.

Balance and Stability Improvement

Stepping onto the aerobic step is considered a weight-bearing exercise technique. This is especially effective because of the height adjustment feature. The higher the platform, the greater the challenge. Repetitive physical activities of this nature enhance your core muscles naturally without the need for bulky exercise machines. This, in turn, saves time, effort, and money. Another valuable benefit that comes in after you enhance your core is an improved balance. Not only does it reduce the risks of injuries, but it also allows you to perform better in your training, and it makes your daily tasks easier to complete.

Low-Impact Exercise Method

Exercises that offer low-impact with high benefits are always considered as a gem. These methods are ideal for every fitness level, regardless of gender, age, and training requirements. The challenges from the aerobic step come from your weight. This means that your body is already well-adapted in bearing your weight for a long time, making step aerobics less stressful for your muscles. 

Weight Loss Boost   

Since you're getting multiple physical challenges in one session with the help of the aerobic step, you're also burning fats and calories in the process. Technically speaking, your cardio improves, allowing you to perform exercises longer, and the longer you work out, the better your muscles develop. Finally, you accelerate the whole process of losing weight.

Aids in Mental Health

Step aerobics helps release chemicals in your brain that makes you feel good. This process is beneficial for people that are stressed. It also improves sleeping habits, making the whole process beneficial to your mental and physical health.

What should I look for when buying an aerobic step?

We always recommend choosing the most trusted brands and picking a reliable source. However, there are several points to consider when it comes to buying an aerobic step. We suggest looking for these features:

  • High-quality materials. It doesn't matter what type, whether it's wood or plastic; the materials should be highly-durable for performance and efficiency.
  • Balance. The platform should never wobble at all times, even when stacked on top of each other. It should always be stable for your safety.
  • Non-slip surface. The stepping body should be made of non-slip materials. Remember that you will be stepping on and off of the platform so it should not be slippery at all costs.
  • Portability. The design should not hinder your movements inside your home gym. It should save space during and after use.

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