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Get Affordable Bosu Balls Here At Home Gym Australia

Stocking up on training equipment for your home gym? A Bosu ball may be an excellent addition to your collection of home gym equipment. This type of exercise equipment can be used for many kinds of workouts. Its versatility is one of the reasons why many gymgoers swear by its usefulness. Read on to find out more about how a Bosu ball can help you reach your fitness goals!

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Home Gym Australia offers high-quality gym equipment and gear that will work with any home gym. We aim to help people transform into the healthiest and best version of themselves by providing top-notch quality gym equipment to help reach these body and fitness goals. If you are looking for a Bosu balance trainer, Home Gym Australia will be able to help you find the right one for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can a BOSU® Ball help me train?
BOSU® means, “Both sides up” or “both sides utilised” which meant to emphasise the mindful approach in exercising. BOSU® balls are used for balance training that when incorporated in any kind of exercise, will make it more demanding. That is why it is sometimes called the BOSU® balance trainer. You can perform all types of routines in it, whether it is a lower or upper body exercise, or core training, or even a cardio workout. BOSU® balls intensify your workout by adding an instability factor to it that activates other muscles in your body to keep you balanced while performing your exercises. It makes you exert more effort in doing your regular workout. The instability mimics the real-world situations on how we do things and not the ideal ones that we experience when we exercise. Because of this, exercises done on a BOSU® ball have a functionality aspect in it, which we could use while navigating our own day-to-day lives.

What are the exercises I can do with a BOSU® ball?
You can use both sides of the BOSU® ball for your exercises. Because of these phases of the BOSU® ball, a multitude of workouts can be done on it.

  • Cardio Endurance – You can do short bursts of cardio such as lunges, jump squats, step exercises, among others.
  • Strength Training – Strength workouts are the specialty exercises of BOSU® ball. You can use it with your overhead pass, lunges with bicep curls, or push-ups. You can even practice your chest press in it with the BOSU® ball as your weight bench.
  • Flexibility Training – Stand or kneel on the dome while you do stretches like hamstring or hip stretching.
  • Sports Conditioning – Use the BOSU® ball to do jumping or plyometric moves to increase your performance and agility.
  • Core Training – Abdominal exercises are greatly intensified when you do it on a BOSU® ball. Just do some back extensions, sit-ups, or any other core exercises, and you’ll be sure to achieve that six-pack.

There are still a lot of workout routine options that you can do on a BOSU® balance trainer; you just have to be creative on how you can incorporate it in your workout sessions.

BOSU® Ball and a typical Stability Ball - What’s the difference?
BOSU® and Stability balls are both balance trainers. However, they have significant differences when it comes to safety and versatility. Stability balls are great for balance, core, and some of the lower body workouts, but BOSU® balls are a little bit safer. Because it’s a complete sphere, you can’t stand or do jumping exercises on it, whereas with the BOSU® ball, you can be safe and use it for almost any training that has been invented. Moreover, BOSU® balls are suitable for a beginner due to its safety. It is more stable, and you can control your balance more when you use it.

How Do I Use a BOSU® ball?
A BOSU® ball is relatively simple to use. You put it on the floor, stabilise yourself while standing up, sitting, or lying, and do your exercise. The key here is finding stability in every movement. Knowing how to balance yourself is vital when training with a BOSU® ball. When you do not know how to stabilise your body while on it, it might cause an injury. So always be on the lookout.

You can use both sides of the ball. When doing exercises that need you to sit or lie on it, then you make the sphere face you. When the movement requires you to stand or use it as a pillar, position the flat face in front of you. When it is your first time using the BOSU® ball, it would be nice to have someone looking after you. Just to be sure that if anything happens, you can count on that person to help you.

Is the BOSU® ball going to be delivered as in the illustrations?
The short answer is No. The BOSU® ball will be delivered at your doorstep deflated. You have to be the one to pump air into it. Luckily, BOSU® balance trainers come with a foot pump and instructions manual. Inserting and using the foot pump is relatively easy but be careful not to inflate it too much as you might need to spend an hour just to correct it.

If it happens, here’s what you do. First, undo the screws attached to its base, let out the air, and realign the ball’s rim with its base. Tighten the screws and re-inflate it. Sounds easy right? But BOSU® balls are enormous so it would take some time to unscrew, align, and screw it again.

What are the types of BOSU® balls?
BOSU® balls only have two main types: the plain shiny ones and the spiky BOSU® ball. Both are very efficient and versatile when you use it with any exercise routine. The only difference is that the spiky BOSU® ball can be used in massage therapy. However, spiky BOSU® balls only come in much smaller sizes.

Since BOSU® balance trainers are growing in popularity, many versions are out in the market to accommodate the preferences of its users.

BOSU® Home Balance Trainer

BOSU® home balance trainers are great for the average adult man and woman, as it weighs about 3 kilos. But it can be exhausting for a beginner though. The home balance trainer can carry at least one adult gorilla, so you won’t have to worry about bursting it.

BOSU® Pro Balance Trainer

BOSU® Pro balance trainers are of the same size as the home BOSU® version but have increased stability, and the base was made not to scratch your floor. It can carry a maximum of two adult Aussies and a German shepherd. It won’t burst, even if you put all the weight compared to your king-size bed!

BOSU® Sport balance trainer

This is the only version of a BOSU® balance trainer that has two size options and is child-friendly. It comes in smaller sizes than the home and pro balance trainers but can still fit an average teen or a grown woman. Due to its smaller size, its carrying capacity is also reduced, maybe a maximum of 16 adult koalas.

BOSU® Elite Balance Trainer

Elite balance trainers are for pro athletes who really want to challenge their stamina and endurance. The BOSU® Elite trainers are split into two categories: the Power Line and the Power Zone. Each of these categories has different effects on improving speed, body mechanics, and balance. It has the same size as the pro and home trainers and can accommodate at maximum a bottlenose dolphin.