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Boxing Wraps

Since the early days of boxing, boxing wraps have been used to protect the fighter’s hands from injuries. Not only does it provide maximum protection for the fists, but it also lessens the impact absorbed by the competitors from hitting each other during the match. Boxing wraps were considered to be a necessity when it comes to training and competing even back then. The significance of boxing wraps continued even until the introduction of boxing gloves. It has been legally declared that fighters should use boxing wraps inside their boxing gloves.

It became the standard rule up to this day.

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Today, boxing wraps are still widely used by professional fighters and fitness enthusiasts worldwide. They continue to provide excellent protection for both competing fighters or in training exercises. It even evolved into different kinds of hand wraps that can be used in various types of combat sports like MMA, Muay Thai, kickboxing, and many other forms of mixed martial arts training and competition. They fit the boxing gloves perfectly no matter what size or type.

Home Gym for Sale Australia offers all kinds of hand wraps from the traditional boxing wraps to quick wraps at a very reasonable price. We are confident about the quality of our products because we only offer the best brands. We aim to help you improve your performance with the help of reliable home gym equipment in your training. We strive to meet all your demands wherever you are in Australia. 

Training to achieve perfection should have no limits. That is the reason why we work hard to provide you with unlimited support. Whether you’re preparing to become a world champion or you only wanted to achieve the health benefits from boxing training, we guarantee that you will reach your goals faster with all the services that we offer. Please visit our website to learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are boxing wraps?

Boxing wraps are fitness accessories used primarily in boxing for hand protection. They also help decrease the injuries that fighters may acquire during matches. Boxing hand wraps also play a significant role in training. They protect with both hands and wrists, especially for intense training programs. The typical materials that hand wraps are made of are cloth, cotton, tape, and gauze, and they can be elastic or non-elastic.

What are the types of boxing hand wraps?

There are four types of hand wraps available for different kinds of combat sports. Here's a comprehensive overview of the main types of hand wraps.

Cloth Hand Wrap

Cloth hand wraps are the traditional type that is widely used in the world of fitness and sports. They are made of high-quality cloth that provides extra protection for your hands, fingers, and wrists. Cloth hand wraps are inexpensive, and they come in a multitude of colours that you can choose from. They provide a firm and secure hold inside the boxing gloves.

Elastic Hand Wrap

The elastic hand wraps are also known as "Mexican style wraps". They look similar to the traditional hand wraps. The only difference is the Mexican style wraps are slightly elastic. The stretchiness allows it to provide tighter support for extra protection. It can also cover more parts because of the elasticity.

Tape and Gauze Hand Wrap

You've probably seen this type on TV. Tape and gauze are one of the most accessible hand wrap to use. They are relatively inexpensive and widely available.

Cotton Hand Wraps

Cotton hand wraps are inexpensive and versatile. Their texture provides maximum comfort for your hands inside the boxing gloves. It is also capable of absorbing sweat during training.

Quick Wraps

This type of hand wrap is the easiest to wear. It is elastic, and you can easily slip it on saving time and effort. It also comes with velcro to adjust the tightness level. Quick wraps also absorb sweat and fit perfectly inside the boxing gloves.

What are the benefits of wearing hand wraps?

There are tons of benefits that you can gain from using hand wraps in your training. Here's a list:

Maximum Protection 

Our hands are composed of tiny muscles, bones, and ligaments. The repeated impact from hitting a punching bag may cause these small parts to tear or be dislodged out of place. Boxing wraps protect the physical activities required in this type of training. Any kind can lessen the impact whether you're using quick wraps or the traditional style. Aside from protecting your hands, it also provides support to your wrists. 

Sweat Absorption 

Keeping your hands dry optimises your performance. Your hands will not feel slippery under the boxing gloves allowing you to throw punches with confidence for the entire duration of your training. Sweaty hands feel awkward, and it may distract you from routine. This is a crucial factor, especially in matches. You need 100% focus when you're engaged in a game, and a sweaty hand is the last thing you need.

Increases Efficiency of Your Training

Throwing a punch knowing that your hands and wrists are well protected allows you to train with maximum efficiency. It also allows you to concentrate and focus more on your training. This, in turn, enhances your overall performance. From light to intense exercise, wearing hand wraps are beneficial.

What should I look for when buying boxing hand wraps?

Whenever you buy boxing hand wraps you should always consider the materials used. To be sure that you're buying high-quality hand wraps, you should buy only branded products and form a reliable source. Here are the features that you should look for:

  • High-quality materials
  • Has a snug fit
  • Durable elasticity
  • Secure grip (velcro)

Why should I trust Home Gym for Sale Australia?

Home Gym for Sale Australia is 100% focused on providing everything you need in your training. We have the essential home gym equipment to build and design your workout space at home. What's more, is that we offer the most reliable brands for guaranteed performance and lasting lifespan. 

We offer reasonable prices for everyone to take advantage of, and our variable payment schemes allow you to pay any way you want. We want you to experience the safest online shopping, that's why we made sure that your account is protected in every transaction. All orders are verified and forwarded to the packaging team after passing the quality check. You can rely on our delivery services with no worries. 

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