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The Best Core Trainers Can Only Be at Home Gym Australia
Core strength and abs appearance rank high in the list of fitness goals most people have when thinking about building their home gym. With the myriad of choices to develop your abs and improve your balance, resistance, and overall performance, you may find it difficult to choose the best core trainer for you and your family. Home Gym Australia is capable of showing you ideal and superior-quality core trainers that would benefit your waist training and muscle tone development routines.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of core trainers I can choose from?
Core trainers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to give you the conveniences you need with your core workout training, but all of them aim the same thing: to provide you with that strong core and stabilised body you want. Home Gym for Sale Australia offers you these core trainers:

The Ab Wheel or Roller

At a glance, this type of core trainer look like an innocent and easy ab trainer but don’t be fooled. Ab wheels might be simple in appearance but riding on it is quite a different story. To properly manoeuvre an ab roller, you need to squeeze your bum, engage your core while trying to steady your shoulders to avoid tumbling to the sides. That’s quite a feat, you say. Well, yes. Rolling forward and back in an ab wheel is really hard, but this challenge is what makes it a very efficient core trainer. Purchase one from us, and you’ll see.

Ab Bench or Ab Board

The ab bench is a very different core trainer than an ab roller. While the roller’s pose is modelled to a plank, ab benches let you do the sit-ups in very challenging positions. In a sense, an ab bench enables you to lie on it, but the challenge is when the bench is slightly turned upside down or is angled. You can perform exercises on an ab bench in two different ways. One way is to place your feet above your head. To prevent you from sliding, you should anchor your feet to foot cradles above, then move up and down the bench. Hardcore, right? That’s why core trainers are the best in developing your abs.

Ab twisters

These are the core trainers that use the exercise of a Russian twist with a twist. It forces you to do crunches while turning at the same time. This action strengthens not only your abdominal muscles but also the sides or your obliques. That’s the best way of training, hitting multiple muscles in one exercise. Designs for ab twisters may vary, but the general principle is to make you twist yourself while squeezing your abs.

Ab Chairs

Ab chairs are the most relaxed ab trainers there are. It resembles a chair, and you move through it by lifting your leg as high as possible squeezing your abs to its limits. It stimulates a crunch workout via a folding mechanism. This also boosts your lower back muscles which are essential for proper posture. Ab chairs are core trainers for beginners since it does not need you to have a strong core to manipulate the machine. Since it doesn’t have too much resistance, this core trainer can also be used by seniors, overweight individuals, those that suffered from injuries in their spine down to their lower body.

Ab Mat

Ab mat is more of an accessory ab trainer than a machine. You do the sit-ups on the floor with the ab mat exactly beneath your lower back. This helps in easing the pain on your lower back when you do sit-ups. When using the ab mat, your hips are also elevated, which gives you more reach and more extended motion that leads to better muscle stimulation.

Core trainers still have many more variations than the ones listed above. We just gave you a taste of what are the core trainers available at Home Gym for Sale Australia’s store and what it can do for your core workouts. To check out more of the core trainers available, please visit our website here.

How do I choose the best core trainer for me?
Core trainers don’t just act as muscle toners but more importantly, as strength enhancers. Since there are too many types of core or ab trainers, it’s easy to get confused. We have put a list of five criteria on how you may choose the best core trainer for you.

All around ab enhancer

The best ab trainers are those that enhance the muscles in not only the front but also the sides and back. This is important since your midsection acts as the highway for transferring your strength from your upper to lower body and vice versa. Without all of your core developed, you might find that when doing lifts, you can’t carry a 15kg weight since you have a poor lower back. It’s not just all about your six-pack but the effects of the core trainer to your body as a whole.


Having an uncomfortable core trainer would guarantee a waste of money, effort, and time in picking the ab trainer for you. Since the machine was chosen to work for you, then it should do what you expect of it. If not, then maybe you were not attentive enough to what you need. So always think it through before making up your mind. You must be absolutely sure that what you’ve chosen will give you the comfort you need when exercising on it.

 Back Protection

Waist training can be a little taxing to your spine, so you should take into consideration that the type of core trainer you choose will support your back when working out. Core trainers that give you back pain are a waste of money and time. You could find ergonomic core trainers at our website for they are designed to protect all parts of your body that the exercise has an impact on.

Expert Advice

It’s better to heed the advice of your professional fitness trainer on what type of core trainers are best for you. Also, if you have any mobility issues, always consult with your GP or chiropractor if your body is capable of enduring the stress of the workout. You could also reach us if you need any additional information on our selection of ab trainers.