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Building muscles is a feat that takes perseverance and patience. Are you looking for a way to reach this fitness goal? You may find your solution in the form of dumbbells. The word “dumb” is in their name but they are anything but. Continue reading to find out how you can benefit from choosing to incorporate dumbbells into your workout routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Dumbbells?
Dumbbells, one of the most widely known pieces of equipment used for weight-training and muscle building, continue to be in demand in gyms, fitness centres, and home gyms. Over the years, many exercises and techniques of using a dumbbell have developed. Presently, various routines are working to effectively reach and target different parts of the body, making a dumbbell one of the best in resistance training. 

A traditional dumbbell often comes in pairs, both having two equally balanced weights attached to each end of its metal handle. Initially, these weights have affixed themselves onto the handle. However, modern times have led to successful innovations bringing a more advanced version in the market; some of which are the ones that have detachable and adjustable weights, which is more practical if you enjoy optimising your routines.

What Are the Different Types of Dumbbells?
As we have mentioned earlier, new technology has opened the possibilities of modifications with the traditional dumbbells. They have been generalised and categorised under three major divisions, namely: fixed weight dumbbells, adjustable dumbbells, and selectorised dumbbells.

Fixed weight dumbbells are traditional dumbbells typically available in public gyms, therapy centres, and health facilities. You can often see them stored in an upright and stacked position on a horizontal rack. As its name goes, the weights are fixed and cannot be removed. They are often sculpting from cast iron filled with concrete, but some are manufactured from other materials such as rubber and weight-resistant plastic. 

Another type of dumbbell is the adjustable dumbbells. It is a more convenient version that allows heaviness and intensity to be modified depending on the preferred load of its user. The weights are present as discs which can be easily slid onto the handles and come with clips or collars used to secure them in place. Some handles often have engravings of crosshatch patterns that serve as the grip. If you are looking for a dumbbell for your home gym, this is the perfect choice for you. Aside from its user-friendly design, it is also a considerable storage saver. Additionally, you wouldn't have to buy a full set of fixed dumbbells, so you'll also be able to save more with your expenses. 

Selectorised dumbbells are a variety of the adjustable dumbbells. It allows weights to be easily adjusted by using a turning dial or more commonly known as selector pins. If you don't want to spend time changing and switching from different loads, this is the best type of dumbbell for you.

What Are the Benefits of Using Dumbbells?
Other than building muscles, exercising with dumbbells promote more perks than you could ever imagine. Home Gym for Sale Australia has listed down the top advantages you can achieve with the regular use of dumbbells. 

Dumbbell exercises are known to promote muscle activation and stabilisation. A significant requirement of using a dumbbell is muscular coordination. Your muscle groups are activated so it can work together to help create a stabilised motion and in turn, improves synergy between different segments of your body. 

Dumbbells can enhance your balance. Our bodies are made with an unbalanced strength; we have dominant body parts either on the right or left body parts. Dumbbells are known to improve and decrease the level of asymmetry between those areas. Using similar loads on both arms, you are essentially working on extending the capacity of your weaker side; so you won't have an unequal amount of strength the next time you perform your activities.

Using dumbbells can stimulate muscle repair and significantly increase its size. The process involves the contraction of muscles which generates a relevant adjustment to the muscle capacity. When these muscles are continuously working, energy is stored, which causes the development of muscle size.

You can use dumbbells along with other exercises. Dumbbells are relatively designed to be held by hand. Unlike others, it allows flexibility so that you can intensify your routines and be able to perform other movement patterns while holding a dumbbell. 

Dumbbells are allowed for unilateral use during training. If you want a single area of your body to compensate among the others, a dumbbell is beneficial. It is convenient for those who wish to improve imbalanced strength. You can focus on building your desired area first without affecting the other.

Dumbbells are portable and easy to maintain. If you're looking for an investment for your home gym, a dumbbell is the best pick for you. Because of its compact size, you do not need to have a large space to store it. All you need is a small area, and you're good to go.

What Exercises Can I Perform Using Dumbbells?
Aside from performing vertical arm movements, you can do other exercises while using dumbbells. A dumbbell allows you to perform activities on different planes of motion, which means you have the freedom to move and change positions that would help you target better your preferred muscle groups. Depending on your fitness goal, you can incorporate dumbbells alongside other strength training routines as well. If you're aiming for burning your calories rapidly, actions and stances such as hammer curls, French press, lateral raises, squats, and the likes are useful. You can also improve your physique by doing weightlifting positions which in turn will immediately enhance your muscle's functionality. 

There are many more available types of exercises you can do with a dumbbell. Find the best combinations that are comfortable and suit your needs. Boost your creativity and achieve a healthier lifestyle by using dumbbells!

If you need more suggestions and guidance in using a dumbbell, feel free to hit us up, Home Gym for Sale Australia and our experts will surely be there to provide support and advice that will lead you to a better road to fitness.

Where Can I Find the Best Dumbbells for Sale?
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