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Cardio 101: A Definitive Guide On How To Use A Treadmill

how to use a treadmill

If you often go to the gym or other fitness facilities, you may have already come across the treadmill. With its sleek structure that meets the eye and user-friendly design, there is no doubt that this cardio machine is chosen by many as their first choice for home gym equipment. Learning how to use a treadmill is pretty easy, regardless if you’re a beginner or a seasoned gym-goer. Get to know more about the various treadmill features and how a simple treadmill workout can positively impact your lifestyle.

Using A Treadmill

By following the basic principles of running and other cardio exercises, a treadmill workout places numerous health benefits across the table. It improves your cardiovascular capacity by gradually increasing your heart rate, contributing to better stamina and endurance. The running surface also helps in minimising impact, which allows an individual to have a better balance and coordination.

Above all else, the best part about a treadmill workout is the safe and comfortable indoor exercise it provides. It avoids the occurrence of injuries and other health-related problems, such as increased blood pressure and dehydration.


An Alternative Indoor Exercise

If you enjoy running outdoors, but unfavourable weather conditions or other safety issues prevent you from doing so, a treadmill workout is a great indoor alternative that provides comparable benefits. You don’t have to worry about braving the storm or waiting for the right time to go outside, as you can enjoy your cardio exercise at the comfort of your home. Complete your home gym by incorporating a treadmill exercise machine along with your other training essentials for an indoor workout experience like no other.



Maximise Your Workout Experience

Make the most out of your treadmill exercises by taking note of the following tips for an enjoyable, effective, and safe workout.

Warming Up

It is a rule of thumb for every workout routine to start with simple stretching and warm-up exercises. Whether you’re a newbie or an expert, prepping up your muscles and body is the first thing that you must accomplish before anything else.

indoor how to use a treadmillWarming up prepares your body to get through the challenging part of your routine by slowly increasing your exercise’s intensity. To start, you can do simple stretching techniques and exercises that will slowly raise your heart rate. By doing so, you are sending enough oxygen to your muscles while your body raises its temperature to become more efficient. As your body adapts to your preferred pace, you can begin the real deal as your body already has the capacity to endure whatever comes next.

As tempting as it could be, jumping straight to your exercise equipment will only increase the chances of getting unnecessary injuries such as muscle strain or fatigue.

Familiarising Treadmill Features

Various innovations brought by advanced technology have paved the way for some amazing treadmill features, making it an excellent workout companion for cardio exercise and interval training. In order to maximise your workout, you must be knowledgeable of these functions.

  • Heart Rate Monitor

This smart feature helps you keep track of your progress and gauge the intensity of your routine. It primarily indicates your heart rate alongside another health-related status such as blood pressure, pulse rate, body temperature, and oxygen intake. Some treadmill models allow users to personalise the heart rate monitor by setting limits and ideal ranges for every health status. This feature enables you to control and maintain a certain intensity level to avoid pushing yourself too much throughout your routine. You may talk to your doctor about your ideal health status during exercise and at rest.

  • Calorie Burn Indicator

Setting a goal on how many calories you must burn for the day is ideal for losing weight. As its name implies, the calorie burn indicator shows the number of calories you can burn throughout the duration of your treadmill routine. Keeping track of this information and seeing your progress will motivate you to do more.

  • Pre-defined Workouts

features how to use a treadmillHaving a preset workout plan adds variety to your routine, making every phase more exciting and challenging than ever. Letting your machine take charge is easier, especially if you don’t enjoy continuous adjustments and pressing buttons while you perform your routine. Some treadmills also offer interval training options which speed up weight loss and increase stamina. Interval training is considered one of the most effective ways to increase your heart rate, which is important for every cardio exercise.

  • Speed Display

Knowing how fast you go is also necessary when keeping track of your routine. This information allows you to measure the time elapses and the distance you’ve travelled in every workout session. You can motivate yourself to do more and make it a goal to do better in the next routine.

Using an Incline

Did you know that you can simulate an actual uphill and downhill climb using only a treadmill? A treadmill features an adjustable running surface that can be raised across a wide range of angles, mimicking an outdoor running track. If you want to step up your running capacity, you can start by slowly building up your stamina and progressing across different incline levels.

Once you’ve gotten more comfortable, you can push yourself harder by adjusting the resistance and increasing the speed. You may also incorporate interval training by including a resting period in between your runs.

Maintaining a Free-Flowing Form

Some runners often pay too much attention to the way they execute their treadmill workout. Getting too invested in maintaining a proper form will jeopardise your exercise and affect your muscles afterwards.

It is important to let your body respond freely on the running surface. Avoid controlling your form and stride as you would normally do on an outdoor cardio exercise. Doing so will minimise the impact of your movements and allow your body to respond better.

Knowing What to Avoid

  • Do not hold the handrail or the console.

One of the most common mistakes to do during a treadmill workout is holding onto the handrails for too long. Handrails are made only to guide and keep you safe after your run. Keeping your hands on the handrails will make your workout inefficient, and may also cause several issues on your back, neck, and shoulders.

If you often hold the handrail because of safety concerns, you might be probably going at a pace that is too fast for you. Reduce the speed and try to pretend like running outdoors without any help from the handrails.

  • avoid how to use a treadmillDon’t lean forward.

When performing a treadmill workout, there will be instances where you may feel that your feet are being pulled back from the running surface. Because of this movement, you may notice that your body starts to lean forward. Maintaining an upright position is important if you want to make the most out of your treadmill workout. Always check your posture to avoid unnecessary injuries.

  • Don’t step off a moving treadmill.

To avoid injuries related to a treadmill’s running surface such as falling off or sliding down, you have to be careful when stepping out of it. In order to get off safely, turn down the pace of the treadmill and hold on the handrails.

  • Don’t look down.

Other than taking a peek on your workout console, it would be best if you refrained from looking down during your routine. Looking down may cause you to hunch your posture, which can lead to muscle injuries, neck pain, and back pain.

If you couldn’t help staring down, it might be useful to have something placed in front of you to help take your attention. You may place a TV in front of you and watch your favourite shows, a poster full of motivational quotes, or maybe a mirror.

Improving Your Stride Count

Make your runs more efficient by improving your stride count. The higher the number of steps you make, the higher the number of calories you burn. You may opt for shorter strides, allowing your feet to be on a close distance to the belt.

Cooling Down

In the same principle as that of a warm-up, you must first cool down before jumping off the treadmill. Stopping immediately will cause your blood pressure and heart rate to drop rapidly. Gradually slowing down will reduce the occurrence of getting dizzy or having a sudden feeling of light-headedness.


Getting the Best Home Gym Equipment

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