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Inversion Table
Pains around your body cause by running and biking can cause pressure and pain on your spine. If you have back pains that you cannot seem to get rid of, you need an inversion table. Read on to find out more about the benefits of using inversion tables and how a teeter inversion table can help you overcome your body pains so you can continue to do the things you love.

Frequently Asked Questions

Inversion Table: The Perfect Home Gym Equipment for Back Problems

The inversion table is also known as teeter inversion table, or teeter hang ups inversion table, is a piece of home gym equipment designed to target your back-muscle development and provide support for spine alignment. The machine is composed of heavy-duty steel frame and a cushioned back pad attached to the centre, with ankle support at the bottom. It also comes with adjustable clamps and straps to provide stability and safety while using the machine. Some models are mechanical and can be adjusted manually, while others are powered by electricity and have the ability to switch the inversion with a switch. Most teeter hang ups inversion tables are foldable for easy storage after use, and some manufacturers include the installation of acupuncture nodes to increase the efficiency in relieving back pain and general discomfort. 

How to Choose the Right Inversion Table or Teeter Hangups Inversion Table.

Before we talk about the benefits that you can gain from using an inversion table, we must cover the essential features that the machine should have before you buy. The reason for this is because we want you to have the maximum safety and security while using one of these exercise machines. Keep in mind that you will be hanging inverted during your training or therapy session so, your safety and stability should always come first at all times, not the other way around. 

Here are essential things to consider:


  • Build Materials. There is only one material that you should choose before buying an inversion table. That material is high carbon steel. High carbon steel is exceptionally durable and is proven to withstand the regular wear tear of extended use. It can also tolerate deformity without breaking. This is especially useful when it comes to home gym exercise equipment because muscle development or rehabilitation doesn’t happen overnight. It usually takes weeks or months to yield the results. 


  • Frame Stability. Although the frame of inversion tables is designed to be foldable for easy storage, it should always be stable when in use. Stability is the key in the exercise machine’s efficiency and your safety. Choose a frame that doesn’t wobble it should stand steady and balanced. 


  • Clamps. Clamps should be adjustable to suit all fitness levels of the users. Our ankles differ in sizes so the clamps should be adjusted to provide comfort and stability. 


  • Back Pads. Choose the thickness of the cushion depending on your preference. Some back pads on an inversion table may be thick or thin depending on the brand and model. We recommend buying a back pad with a notch on top for versatility. 


  • Motor. Some teeter hang ups inversion tables are powered by electricity, and a control panel can invert the bed. Make sure that the motor control is accurate and responsive at all times.


  • Inversion Degree Control. Gradual inversion is vital in using this exercise machine. Choose an inversion table that has an inversion degree control for maximum effectivity.


  • Weight Capacity. Choose an inversion table that suits your current weight. Although the frame is highly durable, manufacturers designed models to accommodate different weight limits. 


The Benefits of Teeter Hangups for Home Gym

Now that you know the things to consider, we’ll tell you the health benefits that you can achieve in using teeter hangups inversion tables in your home gym.


  • Back Pain Relief. Study says that regular inversion table exercise effectively reduces back pains and discomfort. They help rehydrate your discs, decrease nerve pressure, realign your spine, and ease tense muscles. This, in turn, improves joint mobility, enhance flexibility, build core strength, and relieves stress. 


  • Enhances Spinal Health. The posture when using an inversion table helps your spine’s alignment naturally. Gravity provides a gradual and gentle pull that is beneficial for your spine. 


  • Lessens Painkiller Intake. By relieving the pain naturally with regular inversion table use, you don’t have to take painkillers which may have adverse health effects with prolonged use. 


  • Surgery Prevention. Research confirms that inversion tables reduce the need for surgery of up to 70%. Regular use increases the natural way of spine alignment and muscle development.


  • Convenience. Inversion tables are also ideal for abdominal exercises. The way you are suspended allows you to do sit-ups to work on your ab muscles. It can also help with Yoga and Pilates postures like headstands, shoulder stands, plough pose, and handstands.

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