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Best Home Gym Equipment has the best and the right kettlebell equipment for you. We have different options to choose from to fit your kettlebell workout in your home. A kettlebell workout can give you the benefits of conventional weight training and high-intensity cardio combined. These exercises are most effective in melting down body fat while adding healthy muscle tone to your body. Unlike dumbbells, a kettlebell’s weight is not evenly distributed, thus, creating the need to counterbalance and stabilise your body during kettlebell workouts. And perhaps the most enticing is it looks way cooler than those dumbbells. Get your kettlebells and other gym paraphernalia from Best Home Gym Equipment so you can be sure of the quality and efficiency of your fitness machines and accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a kettlebell?

A kettlebell is a piece of cast-iron exercise equipment that is designed and moulded to look like a cannonball but with a handle attached on the upper hemisphere. They are sometimes coated with high-quality powder paint, rubber, or bare iron. They come in different weight classes to match different fitness levels and training prerequisites. They vary depending on the manufacturer’s design. Kettlebells are primarily used for strength and flexibility exercises; however, it can also be used in cardio and ballistic training. 

What are the kinds of kettlebells?

Five kinds of kettlebells are widely available on the market today. Depending on your preference, you can choose any type as long as it suits your need. They differ in materials, coating, and handle design. The five types of kettlebells are bare iron, steel, plastic, powder-coated, and rubber-coated. Home Gym for Sale Australia has the complete collection that you can choose from.

The Bare Iron Kettlebell   

The bare iron kettlebell is the traditional type. They are coated only with primary paint without any other texture enhancements or designs. These kettlebells are the most commonly used in home gyms since they are highly durable and inexpensive. The bare iron kettlebell is ideal for first-time users.

The Steel Kettlebell

If you’re looking for the perfect substitute for the bare iron kettlebell, then the steel type is the ideal solution. They are more malleable and a bit more durable compared with the bare iron types. The steel kettlebell is favoured by competitors to use in events or training purposes. 

The Plastic Kettlebell

The plastic kettlebell is ideal for light to moderate training sessions. They are suitable for muscle toning and rehabilitation. Though they made of high-quality plastic, they are still highly durable and inexpensive too. Some categorise them as hand weights, but they are slightly more massive, and their shape is still identifiable as a kettlebell.

The Powder Coated Kettlebell

Powder coating paint is the ideal material for kettlebells since it’s resilient against chips or cracks that may lead to injury or damage to property. They can endure prolonged use and can last for years without deteriorating. They also protect the floor in cases of accidental drops. 

The Rubber Coated Kettlebell    

The rubber-coated kettlebell is a raw iron kettlebell but coated with high-quality rubber coating. The difference is that they have chrome handles that are slightly thinner to accommodate bigger hands. The rubber coating provides maximum protection for both user and flooring.

What are the benefits of kettlebell workout?

Kettlebells offer a wide variety of exercises that you can perform that provide tons of health and rehabilitation benefits. They are ergonomically designed to fit any size of a home gym, and they are easy to store after use. Kettlebells are also inexpensive and widely available. Here’s a summary of the health benefits that you can achieve with a kettlebell workout.

  • Provides a full-body workout. 
  • Improves balance and coordination.
  • Improves core muscles and stability.
  • Improves range of motion.
  • Enhances joint mobility.
  • Activates hard to develop muscles.
  • Stabilise muscle tissue.
  • Improves balanced muscle growth and development.
  • Burns fats and calories ideal for weight-loss.
  • Improves speed and hip stability.
  • Improves posture and spine alignment.
  • Improves lean or buff muscle development.
  • Enhances grip strength.
  • Simplifies training.
  • Ideal alternative to cardio exercises.

With regular workout and dedication, we guarantee that you can achieve all these benefits.

What are the things to consider before I buy kettlebells?

The most crucial factor to consider before buying a kettlebell or any other home gym equipment is brand and source. Branded products provide durability and quality, and buying from a reliable source is just as important. No worries, Home Gym for Sale Australia carries the best brands with an affordable price range.

Here’s a summary of the things to consider:

  • Choose the appropriate weight that suits your training style or requirement. 
  • Choose a kettlebell with a handle that fits your hand comfortably for grip development and safety.
  • Choose the type that is safe your flooring in case of accidental drops.

Why should I buy from Home Gym for Sale Australia?

Home Gym for Sale Australia is the country’s number one source of the best home gym equipment and other fitness accessories including the finest brands of kettlebells. We specialise in home gym design and creation. We have the most dedicated team of exercise equipment experts to help you with everything you need in building your workout space at home. Here are the top reasons why you should allow us to be your fitness partner:

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  • A vast array of available exercise equipment.
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Whenever you decide to switch to a healthier lifestyle, we are more than happy to let you know that Home Gym for Sale Australia is ready to accompany you until you reach your ideal fitness level. You can visit our website anytime, and you can order with maximum convenience. We guarantee that all our products and services will satisfy with uncompromised performance and quality.