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Massage Balls
Do you feel unusually tired and sore after working out, or just going about your day? Are you looking for a way to relieve your tired and aching muscles after getting a good workout? Maybe you can find the solution you are looking for in the form of a massage ball. Read on to find out about how a massage ball can help you get over aches and pains in your muscles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are massage balls, and what are they for?
A massage ball is a soft rubber ball that can have spikes on the surface. They are great for reducing stress in our muscles and joints and help improve blood circulation. They are also called therapy balls as they can be used in rehabilitation sessions of chronic muscle pains, aches, and conditions where blood flow is restricted to some parts of the body due to muscular tightness. Massage balls are your ally when it comes to treating post-workout aches, lower back, and buttocks pains due to sitting all day at work or tensed leg muscles from running. They contour to the shape of the body to accurately target joints and curves that are problematic and also ease the pain caused by trigger points. Massage balls come in different sizes and shapes and colours to accommodate their users' preferences.

What are target points?
Trigger points are the "knots" in our muscles that need untangling. They refer pain to other parts of the body when put upon pressure, much like the trigger in a bomb. Pain referral happens when a particular point in the body is subjected to sufficient force that it triggers pain to other parts. You would know that the massage ball has reached a trigger point when you wince at another place in your body when you put pressure on that area. Usually, trigger points are not that far from the region where the pain can be felt.

I heard there are cold and hot massage balls. How are they different from each other, and how should I use them?
Hot and cold massage balls are the newest innovations in self-massage therapy. Similar to how the hot pack and cold packs ease inflammation and soreness, hot and cold massage balls can also do that with the bonus of accurately targeting the muscles during the self-massage sessions. Nearly hot and cold massage balls are a type of rubber ball that can withstand high and low temperatures compared to your ordinary massage rolls. Hot massage balls increase the blood flow more than the typical balls can because of the heat it induces to our body. On the other hand, cold massage balls hasten the reduction of swelling around injuries and protects the body by slowing your metabolic rate. You usually purchase only one massage ball with both the capability to be heated or cooled.

Why should I use a massage ball?
Massage balls are convenient and relatively small compared to its contemporary gym accessories for muscle recovery. Yet, it can bring you many benefits that only the massage ball can provide you. Let's dig into some of these advantages.

Muscle Pain Relief

We sometimes unknowingly overuse our muscles due to the intensity of our workout routines and daily activities. Even our inactivity could cause shortened muscular tissues or reduce its mobility.  Using the massage ball is the solution to ease these tensions down. Rolling the massage ball on the problematic area of your body allows built-up scar tissues to break up and concurrently increase blood flow which renders our muscles to feel better.


Shortened and tight muscles significantly reduce our flexibility as our body's movements are constricted due to the pain it brings when you overextend it. Massage rolling will stretch those muscles and return it to its natural form, giving you the capability of moving at an increased range than before.

Improved Blood Circulation

Stiff or tensed muscular tissues restrict the flow of blood into and out of our muscles and as a result, fewer nutrients and oxygen for these tight areas. When you employ the help of massage balls to ease these constricted areas, it creates plenty of passage big enough for your blood to enter and exit freely into your muscle tissues. Oxygen and nutrients are then infused into those layers of tissues and improve our general well-being. This also helps us to handle the physical stresses of everyday life.


Self massages relax our entire body, particularly in areas where there are so much tension and stiffness. Taking the time to roll the massage ball over the tensed areas completely drains the stress we feel. Massage balls make the best post-workout therapy reducing the tensions we subject our body to in our day to day activities. Easing the tightness of your buttocks from sitting all day invigorates us and makes us feel refreshed.

What should I look for when choosing my massage ball?
There is no "one size fits all" massage ball. The massage ball you want may depend on several factors, including the parts of your body you want to use it to, your pain tolerance, and your budget. Nevertheless, here are some of the essential features that you need to consider in choosing the right massage ball for you.


The size of the massage ball has a significant impact on what body parts you can use it with. Smaller sized massage balls are appropriate for use in relieving tensions in your hands, soles of your feet, your forearms, and the calves. Large massage balls are better for a large group of muscles such as your thighs, buttocks, lower and upper back, and chest. Smaller massage balls are also good to use if you want to target specific areas of your larger muscles. The size of the ball should be based on the size of the spot you want to relieve off.

Surface Texture

Massage balls have many surface textures available from soft, smooth ones to raised or spiky bumps. The surface texture would depend on your pain tolerance and how intense you would want your self massages will be. Spiky or raised circular bumps mimic the pressure put on by a professional masseuse. If you are going to massage parlours on an occasional basis, maybe once or twice in a month, you would want to get a massage ball with a smooth and soft texture. Otherwise, purchase the bumpy ones.


You have to choose a massage ball that lets you hold it firmly. Having a super smooth texture massage ball will just slip from your hands or your legs when you put too much pressure on it. It should stay in place so that it can exert enough pressure to relieve the tension from your muscles. Or else, you would have wasted your money and time massaging yourself for no visible effects.


The density of the massage ball will be an indication of its softness or firmness that would also determine the intensity of your massage. If you are using the massage ball for your toddlers, you would want to choose a softer massage ball. For adults that have been used to continuous torment of muscle tensions, a much harder massage ball is advised. Keep in mind that if the ball is too soft, it cannot release any trigger points which require a lot of pressure. On the other hand, if the ball is too hard for you to handle, it might add to your soreness or pains.


Massage balls' weight is light enough for you to carry around the house. But if you want to travel with it, or exercise someplace else, you would like to purchase a massage ball that's lighter to carry plus small enough to fit your bag.


Your chosen massage ball needs to endure the unending onslaught of your body's pressures. It should not fall apart after prolonged use and should be spongy enough to return to its original form after your massage session. Choose materials of massage balls that are durable enough to withstand the pressures after a long time and will retain its normal state.