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Plyo Boxes
Are you looking for a way to develop and better your power as you exercise? You may want to add a plyometric box to your collection of home gym equipment. If you want to get fit and gain muscle strength, working out using plyo boxes may help you reach this goal. Read on to find out the different benefits of using plyo boxes and how to best incorporate it in your workout routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Plyometric Training?
Plyometric training is a form of an exercise technique that is more popularly called as jump training. This exercise routine uses your muscles to exert an advanced level of force to promote speed and strength. Most plyometric exercises are done by jumping on and off a particular platform, which is the plyometric box.


Plyometric routines are mostly based on using the plyo boxes; it involves either jumping on a single piece of tool or leaping from one case to another in an accelerated movement. It is handy and straightforward and does not take much time to notice the benefits.


If this is the first time that you'll try jump training, some experts have recommended starting with plyo boxes that are large in size and slightly low in height. As you progress with your routine, you can move forward to using boxes with smaller surfaces and increased height. You can possess improved skills such as speed and accuracy as you advance your way through the routine.

What Is a Plyo Box?
Plyo boxes, more formally known as plyometric boxes, is a simple elevated platform which is most often made from wood, foam, leather, and other non-slip materials. The package usually comes in an unassembled form but can be easily installed in a few minutes. This tool is also durable enough to withstand a lot of stress and pressure coming from intense activity, so you can step or jump on it while exercising. 


Using plyo boxes enhances your ability to exert force in a sudden and quick manner. It is a tool used for plyometric activities that focus on speed and power. The muscles undergo a lengthening process and are immediately followed by shrinking. Performing this technique releases enough energy to increase muscle tension. When done regularly, you will significantly improve your flexibility and jumping ability.

Why Should I Use Plyo Boxes?
Many people make use of plyo boxes for several reasons, mainly to provide improvements in coordination, speed, and strength. The variability of the exercises has led to the popularity of the tool over the years.


  • Using plyo boxes improves your strength and stability. 

The repetitive high-impact movements involved during the routine is known to sufficiently enhance core strength as well as muscle stability. If you're a beginner, you may start with simple jumps and proceed to small increments as you progress through your routine. On a more professional level, it can be more challenging if you incorporate complex activities while doing your leaps.


  • Using plyo boxes improves muscle coordination.

Plyometric boxes require the use of your shoulders, arms, hips, and legs to remain in sync with one another. It is also valuable in the process of developing a strong core that will help you maintain muscle coordination and keep proper posture as you perform your routine.


  • You can build your balance when using plyo boxes.

Aside from having excellent muscle coordination, you'll also learn to maintain enough balance that is essential as you get older. It is a great way to stay active if you prefer simple movements instead of a too complicated routine.


  • Plyo exercises help in burning calories fast.

Plyometric boxes also provide good results if you want to get into shape fast. Because you are using almost your whole body when performing plyometric routines, you can shed excess fats in a short period significantly. You can quickly burn twice the number of calories in every session, which is both efficient and effective.


  • Using plyo boxes improves athletic performance.

Jumping through plyo boxes can positively enhance your physical abilities. You can boost your endurance so that you can withstand even the most rigorous depth of your activities.

  • You'll be having an amazing body built.

The jumping patterns encourage your body to get worked up, which enforces muscle growth that is essential in building your upper and lower body. After months of regular workout, you'll be able to see the results.

  • Plyo boxes are fun and versatile.

You can do plyo routines on its own or in conjunction with other exercises. It purely depends on your preference. You can switch it up from time to time, whatever makes you stay motivated.

What Exercises Can I Perform Using Plyo Boxes?
Plyo boxes come in handy when it comes to plyometric exercises. Here are some of the activities you can perform with plyo box:

  • Step-ups
  • Box jumps
  • Elevated push-ups
  • Split squats
  • Step overs

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What Are the Things That I Should Consider When Buying a Plyo Box?
Choosing a plyo box can bring a significant impact on your fitness regime. There are many essential characteristics that you should consider, such as surface, space, and materials. Here are a few things that you can take a look into when buying a plyo box to get the most out of it.  


  • Plyo boxes usually come in sets. Most people prefer to use various sizes of plyo boxes during their routine. This technique allows multiple styles of exercises which enables the user to experience different degrees of elevation.


  • Plyo boxes should be able to withstand multiple repetitive high-intensity impacts. It should be sturdy enough that you can put your whole weight on it without the uncomfortable feeling that it might break, fall, and cause injuries.


  • A plyo box must have a structurally flat surface on top. The body should also be able to support your weight comfortably. It should allow you to remain comfortable without any feelings of uneasiness towards your feet, calves, and knees when landing from a jump.


  • There should also be enough cushioning along with the box that will keep the body from getting hurt due to repeated pressure.


  • A plyo box must have a gripping texture if not non-slip. This feature will prevent you from unnecessary slip-ups when performing the jumps.

Where Can I Find Plyo Boxes for Sale?
Increase your speed, strength, and endurance by performing plyometric exercises. Your journey to experience the provided benefits all starts with the use of a simple plyo box.


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