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Power Tower
Looking for a way to get a whole-body workout? Are you looking around to buy the first-ever machine for your home gym? Then you may just want to consider investing your money in a power tower. This is a great machine to have at any home gym. Continue reading to find out about the advantages of having a power tower, and why your home gym will benefit from having one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different exercise stations in a power tower?
The power tower usually has a set of horizontal bars, parallel bars, and push-up handles. With a power tower, you can benefit from various exercises without having to pay for each equipment. Here are the stations your power tower should have:



  • Push up Station. The power tower has a pair of handles at the bottom to support push up exercises. With the handles, you can stimulate and engage the shoulder and back muscles more. There are also power towers that provide an adjustable push-up bar to regulate the height of the bars from the floor. Aside from the difficulty of doing a successful push-up, the handle also confers more resistance to the exercise. Bring more intensity and challenges to your regular push up with a power tower.




  • Pull-up and Chin-up Station. The pull-ups and chin-ups have different grip variations to activate and give more focus to the particular muscles of the back and shoulders. Power tower supports the different variations you can do when doing a push-up or pull-up through a pull-up bar. Some power towers have one continuous pull-up bar while others have two separate handles for doing pull-ups. The adjustable height of the pull-up bar is advisable for those who are still starting on bodyweight exercises.




  • Dip Station. With a power tower in your home gym, you can skip on the gym fees for a session of dips. Dip or the tricep dip is the ultimate power and bodyweight exercise that engages different muscle groups of the arms and chest. The power tower has a pair of padded grips for a more comfortable grip during the training. The height of the handles on the power tower is optimum to support a dip. The elevation is usually chest-high to ensure the full execution of the workout without your feet touching the ground.




  • Knee or Leg Raise Station. Generally, the pull-up bar is the gym equipment that supports the knee or leg raise workouts. However, the traditional use of the pull-up bar raises the risks of injuries. With the pull-up bar, you will perform the raises from a significant elevation from the ground.  With the power tower in your home gym, you can ensure safety and sturdy support. The backrest in the power tower is to support the leg and knee raise workouts. There are also padded handles on both sides to help you find a stable posture while doing the exercise.



What makes the power tower very ideal for a home gym is its small footprint. You can also add speed bags and gym bench to level up and increase the number of exercises you can do with a power tower. Home Gym For Sale Australia has a diverse selection for home gym equipment, including the power tower. Take a look at our catalogue now and check our best deals on power towers for sale.

What is the benefit of buying a power tower from Home Gym For Sale Australia?
Home Gym For Sale Australia ensures quality and superior functionality to every fitness equipment and accessories you order. Experience more than convenience through our service. Here are the benefits you can reap when you get a power tower from us:


  • Build overall muscle strength. Many have mistaken a power tower to target only the upper body muscles. However,  the power tower supports the possibility of doing many compound exercises. Compound exercises are routines that engage multiple muscle groups. The workouts on the power tower target other muscles in addition to the shoulder and back muscles. The resistance of bodyweight training also burns fat effectively. The muscles on the different parts of the body increase in strength and power while improving in size and form.



  • Smart designs. Home Gym For Sale Australia has your best intention when choosing different home gym equipment for sale. As much as we want you to reach your fitness goals, we aim for the safety of every workout using the equipment from us. Our power towers have stylish and efficient positioning of handholds. Our power towers support the natural position when doing each exercise with individual gym equipment. We make sure you get the best of weight-bearing workouts without taking other strain and injuries. We offer power towers with padded grips and backrest to support proper hand placement with each grip. 



  • Dependable. We offer power towers made from sturdy materials to support the different workout variations you can do. The base materials of the power tower are the measure of its durability and sturdiness. We make sure that the power towers you will get from us can support your weight and your routines even in the long run. Get the best workout and price deals on power towers from us.



  • Suitable for all. Whether you are a newbie or an advanced athlete, our power tower will stand on its purpose of increasing power and strength. The power towers are easy to use and operate. In this gym equipment, all stations are straightforward, with no buttons and manuals for each. With a dip or pull up, you can get going with your routines without many controls and complexities. You can incorporate other fitness accessories to bring more resistance and load to the exercises. 




  • Compact. Our power towers have compact designs for easy storage or transport. With a power tower, you can do comprehensive body training activities outdoors or inside your home gym with ease of transport. For a piece of gym equipment that allows multiple exercises, the power tower takes a minute area of your home gym. A power tower is the best gym equipment if you have limited space for in your home gym.




  • Affordable home gym equipment. Although power towers may come more expensive than the barbells, think of the multi-station feature you can maximise. The only catch is selecting a superior quality power tower that can withstand extended use. Secure a durable power tower with affordable price from Home Gym For Sale Australia. With us, building a home gym can be cost-effective and budget-friendly.



Home Gym For Sale Australia offers assistance in maintaining a healthy lifestyle through our top-notch customer service in supplying home gym equipment wherever you are in Australia. Look through the selection of our home gym power towers and have one delivered at your doorstep in no time.