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Get Your High-Quality Pull Up Bar Only At Home Gym Australia

There are people who feel that their workout is not complete without buffing up their upper body. While most weightlifters settle for chest presses and deadlifts, many turn to performing pull-ups as well. It is then a fact that a pull-up bar is an essential piece of gym equipment in commercial gyms. But do you know that you can also have your very own home pull up bar? Home Gym Australia offers different options so you can get the best pull up bar for your personal fitness haven.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of pull up bars?
All pull-up bars can provide a great upper body strength and stable grip. However, knowing the types of pull up bars can give you more freedom to control the accessibility and versatility of your home pull up bar. Here are the types of pull up bar you should note:

  • Doorway. Easy to install and remove, this type of pull-up bar uses the leverage points on the door entrance to keep a stable installation. The doorway pull-up bar is ideal if you do not have enough space at your home gym. But make sure that your door frame is sturdy enough to support your weight and the weight of the bar. Without the need for more drills and holes, the doorway pull-up bars are also usually used for other exercises. When on the ground you can utilise this pull up bar during push-ups or dips. This type of pull up bar also enables an optimum height for tall people to execute a pull-up exercise properly.
  • Ceiling. Work not just your back and chest with a ceiling pull up bar. Mounted on the roof of your home gym, this type of pullup bar supports a good form during the workout. With its sturdy base and installation, you can hang suspended gym tools like a boxing bag to the pull-up bar to add a variation to your routine. The ceiling pull-up bar will only be beneficial if your roofing is at a considerable height and still reachable for you. You wouldn’t want to bolt a pull-up bar at an altitude that may hinder your grip or stability during the exercise. 
  • Wall. To obtain a stable and concrete installation, you may need to drill a hole or two into your walls. The optimum clearance from the wall and its distance from the ceiling or door frame avoid bumping events during your pull up sessions. The broad area available using the wall pull up bar allows for a more extended range of motion during a workout. Just like the ceiling pull up bar, mounted pull up bars provide strong base support for incorporating other fitness accessories. 
  • Free-standing. Also known as the tower pull up bar, this independent type of fitness bar requires no drilling or installation. The framework of the free-standing pull-up bar can carry your total body weight without the fear of falling apart. However, this type may impart a large footprint to your home gym. The free-standing pull-up bar usually comes with a multi-station feature for a series of pull-ups, chin-ups, and dip exercises.
  • Telescopic. Also known as the hallway pull up bar, this type is the most compact and effortless to use. Usually comes as a chrome tube, this pull-up bar has the feature of the telescope that you can easily squeeze and extend to fit into a doorway.  Although some door types may require brackets to support this pull up bar, the rubber pads at each end can optimally support your weight. The rubber on each end has anti-skid designs, so the harder you pull, the more stable the pull-up bar becomes. With its versatility, you can do pull-ups anywhere at your home.


No pull-up bar is better than the other. Besides, each different type will still lead to a more robust and muscular upper body at the end of your training. But, doing a proper pull-up bar workout and choosing a quality material can make your pull up bar of choice the best pull up there is.

How to choose a pull-up bar for workouts?
Whether you want to improve your grip or chest build, only choosing the correct pull-up bar can give you the result you want. Achieve the right balance of back and chest muscles and execute the routines properly by selecting the right fitness tool for your training. Here is a guide for every man or woman who is on the hunt for the most suitable home pull-up bar in the market:

  • Weight limit. Check the weight capacity of your pull up bar. There is a high risk of injuries and incidents if your bar cannot hold your weight. An excellent choice for the load capacity of a pull-up bar is a suitable allowance. Pick a weight range that can support an increase in your weight as you progress into your training, especially if you are into muscle building workouts. 
  • Where to install. Whether it is a home pull up bar, or for a commercial gym, the place for your pull up bar workouts should be highly considered. The different types of pull up bars allow installation in various areas. With a mounted bar, you can choose between your ceiling or wall to stage your fitness equipment. There are also pull-up bars that you can easily install like the doorway type. But if you want a more portable and compact device, you can opt for the telescopic pull-up bar where you can practice your different grips anywhere as long as you can fit it between two supports. If space is the last of your worries, you can have a free-standing pull-up bar and hit your arm muscles right away without worrying about the need to set up. 
  • Durability. Aside from its weight limit, you should look for a pull-up bar made from a solid material.  The product should not only support your weight but should also withstand the pressure and wear and tears of a regular workout. Source your gym equipment from a trustworthy supplier to ensure the long-lasting functionality and top performance of your workout tool. Hence, the source of your pull up bar is an essential factor when buying. Only a pull up that is made from strong material to the core can surpass its service life. 
  • Versatility. Go from regular pull-ups to intense and more complex sets with a pull-up bar that can support different techniques in bodyweight training. The number of variations you can do during a pull-up training is as diverse as the type of pull-up bar itself.  There are pull-up bars designed with multiple hand cushions to support different hand placements. Do not miss the chance of targeting the deeper muscles of your wrists and shoulders by choosing a pull-up bar that can adapt to the different types of hand grips.
  • Cost. Gym equipment shouldn’t be expensive to be durable. Get the most of your money with long-lasting equipment even at an affordable price. Shop for reliable suppliers to hit on the best pull up bars without spending too much for a piece of gym equipment. Do not let a price tag limit the upper body strength you can have.

Tick off all of these tips, and you will surely find the perfect pull up bar for your training. With the right pull up bar, you can test your capacity and go beyond your limit without worrying about anything but your muscle strength.

Where can I get a pull-up bar in Australia?
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