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Find The Resistance Bands That Would Suit Your Workout At Home Gym Australia
If you want to spice up your exercise and add some more challenge to your typical workout routine, try doing them while using resistance bands! These are stretchable bands that are generally used for a range of motion exercises, physical therapy, and fitness workout routines. If you want to know a thing or two about resistance bands and how these are perfect for you, then trust that Home Gym Australia can help you in providing all there is to know about these essential gym accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a resistance band?

A resistance band is an elastic, durable rubber designed with handles that are used for strength and stability training. They are intended to accommodate all levels of fitness and health conditions. It’s the ideal tool for gradual muscle development and stretching exercises. Resistance bands vary in shape and size depending on which muscle group it is designed to target.

What are the types of resistance bands?

Here’s an overview of all the types of resistance bands that are available from Home Gym for Sale Australia.

Tube Type

Tube resistance bands are made of high-quality elastic with handles on both ends. It is commonly used to simulate an exercise machine by anchoring one side to a bar or pole. This type of resistance band is a perfect alternative if you don’t have a fly machine. It can provide the same benefits minus the installation and set-up.

Loop Bands 

Loop bands or alternatively known as power bands are thick and big without handles. They look similar to a regular elastic band bit considerably bigger. They offer enough resistance to provide a good workout for the muscles. Some individuals combine them with hand weights for added variety.


Figure-eight resistance bands resemble the number eight thus, the name. They are compact and surprisingly durable despite their size. They are used to train upper and lower body muscles. Their handles are also elastic to provide a broader range of stretchiness at the same time improve your grip.

Hip Circle Bands

Hip circle bands are almost precisely like loop bands but with a thinner diameter and considerably smaller in size. The handles are typically made of fabric for comfort and stability. They provide light resistance perfect for light training. They are the ideal tools for toning muscles.

Therapy Bands

Therapy bands are the longest among all the types of resistance bands, and they are also the thinnest in diameter.

They do not loop, and they are primarily used for rehabilitation and sports medicine. These resistance bands are also ideal for Pilates and Yoga practice.

What are the benefits of using resistance bands?

  • Aside from its ergonomic design and affordability, resistance bands provide tons of health benefits with regular use. Here’s a summary of what you can gain:

    • Improved muscle tone development.
    • Gradual muscle training.
    • Targets hard to develop muscle groups.
    • Enhances joint mobility.
    • Improves grip.
    • Enhances coordination.
    • Provides toms of exercise variations.
    • Can be combined with other fitness equipment or accessories.
    • No set-up or installation required.
    • Low-maintenance.
    • Provides low-impact training with high benefits.
    • Cost-effective.
    • Highly-durable.
    • Can accommodate multiple users.

What should I look for when buying resistance bands? 

Here’s a quick guide on what to look for in resistance bands:

  • Type. Choose a resistance band that fits your current fitness level. 
  • Physical activity. Choose a resistance band suitable for your training requirements.
  • Handles. Some brands offer interchangeable handles. Choose whatever provides you with maximum comfort.

Why should I buy from Home Gym for Sale Australia?

Home Gym for Sale Australia is dedicated to providing everything you need by supplying world-class home gym essentials and exercise accessories. We find ways to meet your demands wherever you are in Australia with integrity and passion. We do this by making sure that all our products match your needs regardless of your current fitness level, age, or gender. 

Here’s what you can expect from us:

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The elite brands in the business manufacture all the products that we offer from the most basic home gym equipment up to the cutting-edge exercise machines. The quality of our products is as important to us as it is for you. We have been in the business for a long time to safely say that only the best brands can provide the best performance and durability that can tap into your inner potential to be the best of who you can be in your exercise performance and everyday life. That is why we only carry brands that have proven their worth

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We cannot stress out more the importance of online security. We are well aware of the potential threats in online shopping. That is why we came in prepared. There’s no obstacle too significant for Home Gym for Sale Australia when it comes to online security and account protection. Our online ordering systems are protected by the latest security software made possible by our professional team of web developers. We guarantee 100% account protection in every transaction. 


Comprehensive Order Verification Management and Quality Check

At Home Gym for Sale Australia all your orders are verified accordingly before we prepare them for delivery. The process is simple yet thorough. 

  • Item verification.
  • Quality inspection.
  • Packaging.

After the process is complete, we forward the details and the package to our partner couriers. Then we guarantee that the shipping and handling process is seamless and accessible. The tracking number for the package is available, and you can check the delivery status online anytime.

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So, if you’re ready to jump into the fitness bandwagon, then let Home Gym for Sale Australia be your number source of essential exercise equipment to help you achieve your ultimate ideal fitness level.