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Burn Calories Fast With a Skipping Rope from Home Gym Australia

Jumping ropes are known as a basic yet fun children’s game before, so who would have thought that we can also use it as a cardio exercise. Well, it’s not rocket science. Skipping ropes definitely provide a full-body exercise, and Home Gym Australia provides the best-quality jump rope brands and models that can help you lose weight and complete your workout.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Different Types of Skipping Ropes?
Unlock more skills with the right jump rope to use during exercise. Do not miss out on the essential features of each type to know which style would work the best for you. Here are the types of jump rope you should know before buying one:


  • Basic Ropes. Structure excellent fundamental jumping and skipping skills with the most common type of jump rope. This jump rope stands to the meaning of its name. This type is ideal for newbies in different routines. The weight of the basic jump rope falls in between the speed and weighted types. The padded handles and the fair weight of this jump rope allow ease of use and control for the learners.


  • Speed Ropes. Advance your jump rope routines with a speed rope. The lightweight ensemble of a speed rope allows fast-paced skipping and feet exercises for an extended period. With this jump rope, you can master the timing and placement of the feet without straining the arm muscles. These jump ropes are also the ideal type for a home gym workout. Compared to other types, the impact of a speed rope is more light and easy on the mat and flooring of your home gym.


  • Beaded Ropes. Also known as the segmented jump rope, the beaded rope is a great fitness tool if you want to stay in rhythm while doing jumping routines. The beads also keep the cord from tangling during storage. Beaded jump ropes are slightly more massive than the primary type since the beads also add extra load. 


  • Weighted Ropes. Increase the tension of the set with a weighted jump rope. The added weight brings more resistance to the shoulder muscles. The increase in load requires an extra effort from the muscles to execute the routine. The heavy type is the rope of choice of those who are on weight loss training. As the muscles work out more, the body also burns more calories.


Choose the jump rope that best suits your fitness needs as well as your body limits. Ensure a long-lasting use of your gym equipment by sourcing it from a reliable supplier. Check out Home Gym For Sale Australia, and get the most out of your money with our fast transactions online.

What are the Benefits of Performing Skipping Rope Exercises?
Aside from its versatility and lightweight material, the skipping rope is a gym tool that is worth more than its price tag. With a jump rope, you can take physical fitness anywhere. Here are the renowned health benefits of jump rope exercises:

  • Lower Leg Functional Training. As the leg supports the weight and impact of the jumping routines, the muscles improve on strength and increase its limit. The workouts with a jump rope train the lower leg muscles to endure the presence of pressure and tension. This higher capacity of the lower legs efficiently protects the body from injuries. With strong muscles to support your daily activities, you can save a trip from the hospital.


  • Boost coordination. The repetitive movement of the workout requires harmony to every jump and turn of the wrists. The need for coordination in jumping exercises trains the cognitive function of the brain to work optimally. Besides, being an efficient cardio exercise, the jump rope routines pave for more enhanced blood flow to the brain. The brain calculates the timing of the jump and the movements of the upper and lower extremities to execute jumping workouts correctly.


  • Efficient circuit training. The consistent and continuous movements using a jump rope make it an excellent addition to your circuit workout. Like the High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), circuit training conditions the body for better endurance and muscular strength. The jump rope can bring more intensity to your routine with the different difficulty levels of jump rope variations. The presence of resistance during workout works each muscle better and more effectively.


  • Resilient bones and joints. Indeed, jumping and skipping exercises can cause a high impact on the bones. With every land, the knees and the ligaments on the feet receive a share of pressure. The weight of every landing is a perfect stimulation for the body to augment the bones. The body improves bone density and packs it with minerals to cope up with the pressure. With a jump rope, you can keep a sturdy posture and healthy bones, even with age.


  • Works out the heart. Jump rope workouts keep the heart at a good pumping pace. The aerobic nature of the jump rope routines keeps the heart working but not too much to exhaust it. The capacity of the heart to take a load during a cardio exercise helps the body to cope with more extensive physical activities in the future. For people who are at risk for cardiovascular disease, a couple of jumping activities can keep heart troubles away.


  • Effectively burns calories. Compared to the well-known cardio exercises, jump rope workouts are more effective in burning calories. A good minute of jumping repetitions can reduce weight better than running. A successful weight loss activity should increase the core temperature for a faster and more effective calorie burn rate. Weight loss training often incorporates jump rope exercises since the steady-state of jumping generates a more significant amount of heat. 


Skipping rope is the perfect exercise equipment to prove that good shape doesn’t always have to come with a price. Through low cost and simple workouts, jump rope can improve muscle strength and overall body condition, just like other gym equipment.

What are the Different Exercise Variations using a Jump Rope?
Jump rope can easily enhance your coordination, quickness, and creativity. The different variations of skipping rope exercises keep the training fun and proactive. Here are the various jump rope routines you can try:

  • Alternate Foot Jump
  • Criss Cross
  • Side Swing
  • Double under
  • Boxer Jump Rope
  • Donkey Kick


Whether you are aiming for functional or CrossFit training, jump rope is the fitness equipment you need to keep the workout exciting and efficient at the same time. Add a new element to your routine with a jump rope.

Where can I get a Skipping Rope in Australia?
Home Gym For Sale Australia supplies top-notch and competitive home gym equipment for various types of exercise. Whether you are into CrossFit training or deadlift, we have the right set of workout equipment for you. To help you achieve your body goals faster, we offer a variety of options for different gym equipment. Choose from the high-calibre selection of our products and own first-rate skipping ropes in Australia. From the leading sports and gym brands across the world, we can bring the best of the best home gym equipment from our store to your door. Look through our products and get connected with us now.