Slam Balls

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Have Fun Working Out with a Slam Ball
Want to have an exciting home gym workout experience? Slam balls at Best Home Gym Equipment are the right gym equipment for you. These fun and boredom eraser equipment will enhance your cardio, strength, muscle mass, and tone your body by just, as its namesake, slamming it on the floor or throwing it to a wall. A slam ball is simple gym equipment that allows you to perform exercises that uses all parts of your body for a more holistic effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a slam ball?

A slam ball is a rubber-coated weighted ball which can be utilised in a wide variety of physical activities to hone and condition your muscles. They have a considerable thickness to withstand intense and repeated impact from rigorous muscle building drills. They are similar to medicine balls, wall balls, and bosu balls. The outer shelling can be made of high-quality-rubber, vinyl, or PVC. The typical filling can be sand or fine sand-like metal.

What are the benefits that I can gain from slam balls?

Aside from its ergonomic design, versatility, affordability, and toughness, there are dozens of other benefits that you can gain from using slam balls the right approach of slamming exercise.

Here’s a summary.

Strength and power development. A simple slamming exercise is an ideal tool for improving power and muscle mass development. You can accelerate the complex muscle building process that usually takes time to achieve. Strength and power development training are similar; however, they differ slightly in some aspects. The exercises involved between the two can further complicate the process, and in turn, you might lose your motivation altogether. The advantage of using slam balls in these types of workouts can simplify the whole training method. You can use slam balls to compensate for all the techniques that power and strength training require. That’s the versatility we’re talking about.

Improves balanced muscle growth and development. Because of the different techniques that you can perform using slam balls, your major muscle groups are stimulated and activated in a way that helps with its consistent growth and development. Regular exercise with slam balls allows your muscles to adjust to the challenge, making them resilient and more adaptable to development.

Improves heart health. The way your body moves from the exercise requirements of slam ball training provides a full-body workout which, in turn, improves your cardiovascular system. Slamming exercises are challenging enough to have your heart pumping faster to supply ample blood and oxygen to your muscles. This process also triggers your lungs to help you breathe adequately during these exercises.

Speed-up weight loss. Having improved cardio means that you can perform longer than the usual interval. This can only result in a dramatic boost in weight loss. The longer you exercise, the more fats and calories you burn in the process. The great thing about a slam ball is, you don’t need other tools to achieve adequate weight management.

Improves athleticism and coordination. The action of grabbing the ball and tossing or slamming them into the ground multiple times trains your coordination to its maximum potential. Once you reach an optimised level of coordination, your overall athleticism improves as well. This use not only useful in training or sports, but it’s also great for completing regular household tasks.

Improves posture and balance. Bending over to pick up a slam ball and rising to throw it back into the ground again helps with your spine alignment. This process improves your posture with regular training sessions. In addition to that, your confidence also improves a lot.

Relieves stress and aggression. Slamming exercises allows you to exert as much effort as you want to, relieving stress in the process. This also releases the tension that your holding in, reducing aggression with a considerable degree. One finished, you will experience better sleeping patterns, and you will feel a lot more relaxed.

What are the things that I should consider when buying slam balls?

Before you buy slam balls, it is always better to make a checklist about the things that you should consider. The last thing that you need is ending up with a piece of home gym equipment that doesn’t compliment your training style in any way. So, here are a few buying tips to keep in mind:

  • Brand. Never buy a slam ball with a generic brand. Keep in mind that slam balls are intended for an intense workout for long periods. You don’t want a ruptured ball after a few throws.
  • Materials. Choose the right materials that will be compatible with your home gym flooring. It should be durable and has a certain tackiness. 
  • Source. Choose a reliable source when buying any fitness equipment, not just slam balls. Home Gym for Sale Australia is confident to let you know that we are the most reliable source of home gym equipment in the country today.

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