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Stair Climber Machine
Doing cardio exercises is one of the best ways to lose weight and get fit. Do you need to shed off stubborn pounds and get that beach body in time for summer? You can reach those goals when you use a stair climber machine. Read on to find out the benefits of using a stair climber machine. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Home Gym Stair Climber better than Actual Stairs?
Yes, the home gym stair climber is better than actual stairs in a lot of ways. The stair stepper machines have different perks which you cannot find when doing cardio or climbing exercise on real stairs. Here are some key points why using climbing steppers is better:

  • Consistent forward movement. The continuous forward loop of the stepper machine helps in keeping a good posture while doing a full climbing gait. Doing a climbing fitness exercise on stationary stairs will warrant you to move down after reaching the top. The descent on real stairs will give a high impact on the knees and joints.  This additional pressure is the last thing your knees need since they also receive a high tension during the climbing exercise.


  • Different speed levels. Speed is one thing you can find on a stair climber machine but not on traditional stairs. You can adjust the acceleration of the steppers.  These moving steppers will need you to catch up with speed. Although you can also increase your speed when doing the traditional stair workout, there is a greater pull of gravity when reaching the higher part of the stairs. With a stair climber, you can increase the speed of your climb without increasing the resistance brought by pressure.


  • More focus when climbing. There are stair climber machines with timers to keep your focus on the routines. When doing a stair workout outside, you tend to be conscious of the time. With a higher concentration with a stair climber, you can keep on track of your fitness goals. Gym equipment like the Matrix Stair Climber has a user-interface to help you keep track of your steps. And some even have WiFi connectivity to keep you entertained while reaching fitness goals.

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What are the Benefits of Using a Stair Climber for Exercise?
Treat yourself with a home stair climber to add a challenging modification to your routines. Discover better ways of improving your resistance to advanced workouts through the help of stair stepper machines. Here are the advantages of owning a stair climber machine at home:


  • Stronger Lower Body Muscles. As the stair climbers mimic the climbing exercise on real stairs, it also engages the same muscles. The lower body muscles, to be specific, are the target muscles of these stair fitness exercises. However, In contrast to the regular cardio fitness exercises, climbing on the steep stairs of the machine will target the lower body muscles more effectively. The shift in weight between legs during stair exercises gives more tension and focus on each lower extremity. The moving vertical steppers strengthen and increase the capacity of the thigh and leg muscles.




  • Better Muscle Shape. Work out for a couple of minutes on a stair climber can improve the tone and firmness of your muscles, especially on the buttocks and legs. The multiple repetitions and the increase in the intensity of the workout burns calories more effectively, leaving your lower body muscles with more lean and less fat. Moreover, the stair climbers provide consistent tension all around the legs when climbing. Thus, compared to the regular fitness exercises that involve the butts and gluts,  stair climber targets more effectively both the muscles on the front and back part of the legs. 




  • Stronger Abs. The key to managing exercises with repetitive actions like the stair climber is to divide the tension among the muscles you want to engage. Develop a stronger core with every step on the steep climbers by engaging the abs together with the lower body muscles. The significant effect of the stair climbers on the abs is beneficial, especially for those who have past neck and shoulder injuries. With a stair climber, you don’t have to do complicated fitness exercises to engage your major muscle groups.



  • Effectively Supports Weight Loss. The endless vertical steppers on a stair climber provide resistance during the exercise. Coping up with the intensity of the stair climbers will move you to exert more effort and maximise the movement with every step on the stairs. The body will address the need for more energy by burning fats and turn them into food for the muscles. The stair stepper machine best compliments people who want to lose weight but find weight losing activities to strenuous. 



  • Improved cardiovascular endurance. To counter the resistance of the unending steep stairs on a stair climber, you need to control your breathing while contracting the right muscles. The climbing action when using the stair climbers challenges the heart and lungs to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the right muscles at the right time. These organs cope with the demand by working their own muscles through deep breathes and fast beats. The improvement in the endurance using the stair climbers make it an ideal machine for aerobic fitness routines as well as during warm-up and cool-down before complex workouts.




  • Resilient bones. With the vertically moving steppers of the stair climbers, you struggle with the effect of gravity to keep up with the fitness exercise. The pressure on the knees and bones during the climb provides the right stress to stimulate the bones on becoming denser and more powerful. Being a low-impact workout, climbing using a stair stepper machine will shift the tension from the joints to the knees. The less strain on the joints will help people with osteoarthritis to manage the pain and still keep an active lifestyle.




  • Varying workout intensity. Avoid monotonous exercises and keep routines challenging by increasing the difficulty of the stair climber on the course of your fitness journey. If you are still on the starting phase of training or a gym newbie, the stair climber could easily be your workout buddy too. You can start with the low levels of the machine to control the resistance on the climbing exercises. Besides the various difficulty levels, the stair stepper machines do not limit the activity to climbing. There are also numerous variations you can do with the stair climbers to target more muscles.  




  • Excellent climbing simulation. There are stair climbers that allow you to adjust the angle and steepness of the stairs.  Whether you are gearing for a mountain climbing expedition or a casual wall climbing activity with friends, the stair climber will help you to prepare the body for the pressure and tension present during the actual fitness exercise. By doing a climbing workout while carrying your bag for mountain climbing, you can prepare your endurance and stamina on climbing the steep mountain trails.



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Where can I get a Stair Climber Machine in Australia?
Home Gym For Sale Australia is an online supplies store that can cater to your fitness needs on gears, accessories, and machines. We offer high-quality and top-performing stair climbers like the Matrix stair climber to help you experience a productive leg workout. With our smooth and quick deliveries of home gym equipment, you will waste no time in building a fitness corner in the comfort of your home. Browse through our different home gym equipment and machines so we can deliver it to you right away.