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Need a Stationary Bike At Home? Purchase it at Home Gym Australia
Stationary bikes are another home gym staple for people who love a whole-body cardio work out. It is considered as one of the best ways you can perform a heart-pounding endurance and strength exercise without even going outdoors. As a well-known supplier to high-quality home gym equipment, let Home Gym Australia show you a thing or two about how to choose the best stationary bike for you and your home.

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Home Gym Australia has been the leading source of exercise equipment like the home gym stationary bike and other workout machines. Their reputation in providing high-quality workout supplies made them a reliable partner when it comes to achieving fitness and exercise goals. When choosing your at-home stationary bike, it is just right that you contact Home Gym Australia for assistance.
It can be a bit confusing when choosing a home gym stationary bike because there are also some other exercise bikes that are available not just for home use. Many brand manufacturers produce different kinds of stationary bikes that perform the same workout but differ in their difficulty and routine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Types of Stationary Bikes that I can Choose from?
If you are a biker and are missing the feel of cycling outdoors, we got you covered! There are four general types of stationary bikes you can choose from that you can add to your home gym space. 

Upright Bike

If you are looking for an exercise bike that can replicate the feel of the road outdoors, then this type is the one that can best give justice to that. Upright bikes resemble outdoor bikes, from the positioning of the pedals and handlebars, the size and height of the seat, to the way you pedal, whether you want to ride it sitting or standing. If you aim to have a great cardio exercise much like the one you are getting when you can still ride bikes outside, then an upright bike offers you the challenge, thrill, and satisfaction of that.

Recumbent Bike

Not all bike riders appreciate the discomfort of using it as a means to travel and exercise. Some who chose to ride exercise bikes for just that would rather use a piece of gym equipment that can give them the same cardio benefits but with more comfort and support. Enter recumbent bike--the type of exercise bike that has a comfortable seat and backrest, ideal for supporting the back and making the user feel comfortable while working out. The training and calorie burn using a recumbent bike may not be as explosive as the other types. However, this stationary bike type is suitable for patients who are undergoing rehabilitation for their previous joint, back, or bone injuries. Mature and older gym-goers may also appreciate the back protection and comfort that this exercise bike can offer while performing your cardio exercise.

Dual-Action Bike

Stationary bikes have the reputation of focusing your cardio workout on the lower part of the body. What manufacturers did was to come up with a hybrid design that lets you work on your whole body while using just one exercise equipment. This is where the dual-action bike enters the picture. This type has pedals and flywheel so you can add resistance to your cycling workout much like other exercise bikes. However, it has a set of straight handlebars that resembles that of what an elliptical machine would have. This makes you target your upper body muscles while still working on your legs by pedalling.

Spin Bike

Have you heard of cycling classes? These groups of bike riders are using spin bikes, the type of stationary bike that resembles an upright bike but has a more elevated seat. You can sit or stand using the spin bike, much like the regular upright bike, but the resistance it gives is higher to give you the feel of riding up the hills and terrains outdoors.

What are the Benefits I can get from using a Stationary Bike?

Cardio Fitness. One of the best ways to keep the heart pumping and your muscles at work is to ride your bike. When you can’t go out, but you still want to have a heart-pounding exercise that powers up your heart, lungs, muscles, then a stationary bike is all you need. If you have a great cardio exercise, your mood, sleep, memory, blood pressure, immune system, and self-confidence will also improve.

Weight Loss. The main reason why a lot of people exercise is to lose weight. Performing a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with the use of your stationary bike can really elevate the calorie burn in your body, upping your energy, and making you shed the pounds faster.

Low-Impact Workout. We cannot deny the fact that it is more exciting and enjoyable to ride your bike outdoors to appreciate and be in awe of your surroundings. However, the pathways, trails, and terrains that you will pass through may not be ideal for a safe ride or exercise. Having your cycling session using a stationary bike gives you a controlled atmosphere that would limit the risk of injuries caused by accidents that can affect your joints and muscles.

What should I Take Note to Ensure my Safety while using a Stationary Bike?
Do not overdo it. Yes, stationary bikes are much safer to use than regular outdoor bikes, but the risk of fatigue and muscle strains can also happen. Start slow and gradually increase the speed, distance, and length of time for your spinning or cycling workout.

Position yourself properly. If you are using a recumbent bike, do not attempt to stand while cycling as this stationary bike type is not designed for that. Stay seated with your back fully supported by the padded backrest to maintain proper posture. For spin and upright bikes, you may lean forward while cycling, but avoid putting more pressure on your wrists.

Take a break. For best results, perform HIIT once you are sure that your body can handle the fluctuating intensity that the workout requires. If not, work out at your own pace.

Consult your doctor. No matter what type of cardio workout of weight and strength training you would want to do in your home, the best way to make sure that everything is in tiptop shape is to get approval from your doctor. He knows your health history, so he would be the most reliable person who can tell you what exercises and activities you can and can’t do.

Convinced that a stationary bike looks and feels good to be part of your home gym essentials? Then visit Home Gym For Sale Australia and let our online sales representatives show you the brands and models that you can choose from so you can be sure that your choice is the most suitable for your personal fitness space.