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Get your Torsonator for your fitness space from Home Gym Australia!
If you are familiar with a landmine unit that allows you to use your barbell one step further, then you will love having a Torsonator™ for your home gym! Experience a different weight and strength training that is safer but similarly efficient and straightforward. Find the best deals on your Torsonator™ at Home Gym Australia!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Torsonator™ work?
Torsonator™ is actually an unpopular name for this pivot type equipment. Most fitness trainers and exercisers call it the landmine because it mostly resembles one A Torsonator™ is a small piece of equipment, either standalone or as an attachment, similar to a car jack. You use the Torsonator by inserting one end of the barbell onto the attachment, leaving the other end of the barbell as the handle for your exercises. Unlike the typical weight equipment where the weights are placed at both ends of the bar, Torsonator™ needs only one end to be loaded. That way, the resistance brought about by the load varies.

At the first lift, when the barbell is parallel to the ground, the load you carry is at its max. As you gradually rotate through the Torsonator™, the resistance of the load decreases and is almost diminished when it is almost upright then increases again as you descend to the initial pose. This alternating resistance from one point to the other is what makes the Torsonator™ one unique weight equipment. By decreasing and increasing the force of struggle, it increases your core strength and enables you to efficiently transfer your lower body strength to your upper body, and vice versa. Exercising this technique can rapidly solicit the power of all your body parts to concentrate on one area when you need it. It is a great technique and a new kind of strength introduced by Torsonator™, which is very important in tackling our daily lives.

What can the rotational movements of a Torsonator™ help me with?
First, let’s clear the air by being on the same page of what are rotational movements. Rotational movements are motions we do with our body where a bone or a whole limb spins around a single axis. We use these motions when we reach for something in the back seat of a car or turn to take a closer look at the babe across the street. You get what I mean, right?

Torsonator™s allow us to practice the turn, reach, and spin movements that we have always unknowingly used for our daily activities. Without conditioning our bodies to perform these simple rotational movements, we easily sprain a ligament, cause a cracking sound in our bones, or worse get us into an accident. That’s why the equipment’s guidance in these motions is essential. The Torsonator™ doesn’t just develop our upper, lower, and core strength but also our flexibility, stability, and agility.

What are the exercises you can do in a Torsonator™ for a full-body workout?
Since the rotational movement of a Torsonator™ allows you to use the barbell in any direction, it can enhance your overall body strength without needing any equipment. We have listed some of the exercises you can do using a Torsonator™ to give you a head start for your landmine training.

Lower body Torsonator™Landmine Exercises

  • Landmine Squat
  • Single-Leg RDL
  • Landmine Reverse Lunge

Upper body Landmine Exercises

  • Half-Kneel Landmine Press
  • Landmine Row
  • Landmine Floor Press
  • T-Bar Row


  • Landmine Standing Rotation
  • Landmine Tall Kneeling Presses
  • Landmine Single Arm Rows

Keep practising these starter exercises and quickly advance to the more challenging routines with a landmine.

What can I gain with the Torsonator™?
A Torsonator™ or landmine as most people call it is a one of a kind weight equipment that lets you do just about any exercise and transforms your monotonous up and down weight training to a functional one. Because of its versatility, the unique sets of exercises done on the Torsonator™ are collectively called as landmine training activities. Since it can be used for upper, lower, and core strength training exercises, it offers a lot of benefits to its users. Here are some of them.

Landmine training gives a bang for your buck. Landmines are very efficient when it comes to transitioning from one exercise to another. As you only need to change the direction and position of your routine instead of replacing it with other equipment, you can quickly shift your exercises. That’s very convenient, especially for those who only have a limited time to exercise.

You can start your landmine training with just one piece of weight equipment. With landmine training, all you need is a barbell, a set of weights, and the landmine machine or Torsonator™ itself. You can do your killer workout without a fuss, even when you are just inside your humble apartment. That’s why it is the best home gym equipment you could ever purchase without the need to buy a new one.

Landmine training is for all fitness levels. Because of its simple mechanics, landmines are very user friendly, and its weight exercises are easy to learn. This is mostly due to how it is built. With one end fixed, everybody understands how to manoeuvre it. Even your elders can have a spin on it.

Landmine training is suitable for mastering the fundamental movements of weight exercise. Landmines are extremely useful in helping trainees master the most basic motions of weight exercise; squat, hinge, lunge, push, pull. Due to the more stable and predictable nature of the equipment, trainees can use more resistance, unlike with the traditional barbell or dumbbells. This means more progressive overload and better results.

Landmine training is the real core strength exercise. Landmines or Torsonator™s are the best kind of home gym equipment for core strengthening. All of the workout routines done on a landmine involve your abs, obliques, and your lower back that provide the mechanism to efficiently transmit your power throughout your body. When you have enhanced core strength, your body is more stable and can easily adjust to the changing resistance that is brought upon you.

Landmine training can aid in injury recovery. Unlike most weight exercises performed on a barbell which can be dangerous when you’ve had an injury, landmines can ease the burden of the user and can give more control of the equipment. This enables the exerciser to work around the injury without overloading his or her body.

How should I carry out my landmine training safely?
Just like in any kind of exercise, some safety measures need to be followed for productive and injury-free training. We’ve lined up guidelines that you need to adhere to when training with a Torsonator™ or landmine machine.

Don’t skip the warm-up. Though exercises on a Torsonator™ are straightforward, there’s still no better way of warming up than stretching those limbs and carrying a minimal amount of weights on a dumbbell. Take your time to do warm-up exercises at least 15 minutes before you start your landmine training. Conditioning your body for the strenuous activity ahead will make a significant difference in your productivity during the workout.

Don’t rush. Move the weights at your own pace, try to feel your muscles stretch, and contract as you continue the motions in your landmine training. Keeping it slow would also help you to refrain from relying on momentum to lift the weight.

Don’t overdo. When you feel exhausted and cannot perform the sets in perfect form, stop, and rest. You won’t gain any good in enduring the pain when your body just can’t do it. Plus, you might hurt yourself by doing so.

Don’t ignore the pain. If a movement makes you wince, it’s an indication that something has gone wrong in the way you execute the set or your muscles are just too exhausted. Don’t mum and tolerate the pain.

Don’t forget your shoes. This might raise eyebrows, but your shoes are part of your training gear. Shoes that can protect you and provide ample traction can prevent you from slipping or injuring yourself during weight training.