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The Best Treadmill Machines are at Home Gym Australia!

Please choose from our wide selection of treadmills for your home gym so you can work out and stay fit and healthy indoors!

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Home Gym Australia is one of the most trusted carriers of the best treadmill brands for your home gym. Treadmills for sale should not only be of the best quality but would address your specific fitness needs. Though running outdoors can be more enjoyable and challenging, with the slopes and sceneries that you can experience, buying a reliable treadmill that helps you perform the same fat-burning and muscle-forming exercises in the comfort of your home may actually be an excellent idea.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Treadmill Machine Overview

Manual Treadmill


The most common type of treadmill is the manual treadmill. It is composed of a steel frame with built-in rollers and belt. They operate with the help of the user’s legs and doesn’t automatically move on their own. This type of treadmill is ideal for beginners since they are straightforward to use and inexpensive. Home Gym for Sale Australia offers a wide collection of the most trusted manual treadmill for home, from the best brands in our online shop. We guarantee that you will find the manual treadmill that suits your training requirement.


Motor Treadmills


The Motor treadmill is also known as the electric treadmill. Unlike the manual treadmill which operates by the power of the user’s legs, the electric treadmill uses electricity as its power source; thus, the name. Users can adjust the pace of their exercises depending on their fitness target with the help of the control console. Electric treadmills have different levels of incline that you can adjust to suit your fitness level. Most of these exercise machines include a safety key to prevent injuries in case of a misstep. 


Foldable Treadmill  


A foldable treadmill is a variation of both the manual and motorised treadmills. It’s not technically another type. Instead, it’s a feature that both treadmills mentioned above can have.

Treadmill Health Benefits

Improves Cardiovascular System


Study says that regular treadmill exercises help improve your cardio dramatically. Treadmills simulate your natural walking or running stride perfectly if not a stifle better. The physical activity that you perform with a treadmill forces your heart to work harder to provide the needed blood and oxygen to your muscles. Depending on the results you’re after, you can speed up the pace with the power of your legs on a manual treadmill, or adjust the speed on an electric treadmill. Either way, your heart health will benefit.


Reduces Stress on Joints


Because of the treadmill’s ability to match your natural stride, you are less likely to put stress on your joints.

What’s more, is that these exercise machines are designed with shock absorption mechanisms to significantly reduce the strain from your joints from extended periods of training. This is ideal for your ankles, knees, and hip joints.


Enhanced Bone Density


With an enhanced bone density, your muscles get stronger that gives you the ability to perform better with an improved posture and aligned spine placement. This is perfect for the elderly to improve their balance to help them avoid injuries and prevent osteoporosis, especially for women.

Things to Consider When Buying Treadmills

    • Safety features. Choose a treadmill that has a built-in safety key to prevent injuries in case you miss a step and fall off the machine. Another safety feature that you should consider is that the treadmill should always start slow and gradually change pace even if you adjust the speed to its maximum onset.

    • Max Weight Capacity. Choose a treadmill that will be able to bear your current weight. This is also another way to ensure your safety while exercising with these machines. Remember that the last thing you need is incurring unwanted injuries and damage to property.


    • Size of the belt. Forty-eight inches is the standard length, and 18 inches is the standard width. If you’re taller than 6 feet, pick a 52-in belt for walking exercises or a 54-inch belt for running exercises.


    • Speed capability. To get the most out of your cardio exercises, choose a treadmill with a minimum speed capability of 10 mph and above.


    • Stability. The treadmill whichever the type should be stable at all times. The surface of the belt should be slip-free and highly durable. The frame should be stable to provide ample support, and the handles should provide a good grip.


    • Incline. To be able to simulate the outdoor exercise perfectly, the treadmill should at least have 10% minimum incline.

Home Gym for Sale Australia: The Best Place to Buy the Most Affordable Treadmills for Sale

By looking at the number of satisfied customers and the brands our online store carries, confirms that we are the premier provider of the best treadmills for home in the country today. Not only that, our products are affordable and guaranteed to have an extended working life. Here comes the best part, we, at Home Gym for Sale Australia, are determined to help you reach your ideal fitness level at all costs. We strive to meet all your demands and expectations of all our products and services. You can never go wrong with us; our company is built to serve you with uncompromised quality and elite customer service.