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Get The Right Tricep Pushdown Bar To Complete Your Upper Body Workout!
Think of a perfect body, and there is no denying that having strong and pumped-up arms is one of the features you would want to achieve. Toned, well-defined arm muscles and shoulders make you look confident, fit, and healthy. To get those muscular arms, Home Gym Australia recommends adding a tricep pushdown bar to your personal fitness space to target the specific muscles that make your arms look and feel healthy and ripped in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tricep pushdown bar?
The tricep pushdown bar supports muscle isolation exercises that recruit the triceps. These are the long and dominant muscles on your upper arm. So, if you are aiming for more robust and powerful arm strength, the triceps should be a part of your gym business. The tricep pushdown cable machine consists of a pulley system and a grip attachment, like a straight bar. With the elbows close to your body, you push the bar down until your arms extend fully. The full extension of the arm target and stimulate the triceps.  You can also do a series of exercise variations by applying the different hand placements, like the neutral, overhand, and underhand grips. You can engage all the three components of the triceps with a strategic stance, focus, and hold. With the right pushdown bar, you can do a series of tricep pushdowns in different ways. Here are some tricep pushdown routines you can do:

  • Straight bar Tricep Pushdown
  • Overhead Extension
  • Outside Grip
  • Reverse Grip Triceps Pushdown
  • Partial Reps Tricep Pushdown
  • Lying Cable Bicep Curls


While others found cheaper alternatives, like resistance bands, to use for tricep pushdown, these gym accessories may not fully help your training. These alternatives may not support the different variations, broader motions, and proper form as compared to the real tricep pushdown bar.

What is the difference between a straight bar and rope when doing tricep pushdowns?
A tricep pushdown is an efficient exercise to isolate and focus on the triceps. It consists of a pulley and weight plates that confer resistance when doing an arm extension. Tricep pushdown machines differ with the kind of handles attached to the string. Although both the straight bar and the rope are excellent accessories when doing a tricep pushdown, it is good to know how one differs from the other.



  • The rope allows a broader range of motion. The flexible form of the rope will enable you to pull past your legs when doing a tricep pushdown. However, this advantage may quickly become a drawback since the flexibility of the rope can swiftly put a bias on one arm than the other. With the presence of an overcompensated pull, there is a high chance of building an imbalanced strength and size on your triceps. Surely, you wouldn’t want to have one hand looking more prominent than the other. Furthermore, the rough texture of the rope can cause irritation that can form to calluses with frequent use. 


The straight bar allows you to move heavier weights. Although there is a limited motion during a tricep pushdown using a straight bar, its stable form enables for a more firm grip. You can do different styles of hand placement during tricep pushdown routines without increasing the risk of wrist injuries. With a straight bar, you can enhance not only the strength of your triceps but also your wrists. The pushdown bar can come in either v-shape or straight bar with padded handles to support a comfortable and well-positioned grip. With the more massive load, you can provide more tension and resistance to your triceps.

What are the benefits of doing tricep pushdowns?
Let go of the light hand weights, and step up your arm training with tricep pushdowns. With the tricep pushdown bar, you can get more than massive arms. Here are the benefits of using a pushdown bar: 


  • You can have better lockout strength. With the straight bar, you can establish a firmer grip when doing lifts. Perfect the overhead and bench press with the superior power of your triceps. By using a tricep pushdown bar, you improve the stability of your elbow extension, which is essential for a stable and robust lockout during overhead press.
  • Tricep pushdown works out the front arm too. Hit two muscle groups with one tricep pushdown. With the proper execution, you can quickly build the strength and capacity of your upper extremities by targeting the two muscle groups of front and back arms.
  • The pushdown bar increases the total upper-body mass. Hitting the chest and the upper arms, growing muscle size and strength will not be as difficult with a tricep pushdown bar. Even when the pushdown bar exercises isolate the triceps, the movement also stimulated the muscles around the arms and chest area. 
  • Tricep pushdown bar improves endurance and stamina. With the resistance of the weights, you can prepare your muscles to overcome higher intensity exercises. With the capacity to do a set of repetitions correctly, your arm will develop greater endurance and stamina, which are accurate measures of strength.



Do not miss out on these benefits and get your tricep pushdown bar delivered at your doorstep with Home Gym For Sale Australia. With smooth transactions from our online store to our delivery service, you can build a home gym in no time without stress and hassle.

How do I choose a tricep pushdown bar?
If you think that your regular weights are not targeting much of your triceps anymore, maybe it's time to upgrade your arm routines with a tricep pushdown. But before you go to the nearest sports store and get yourself a pushdown bar, make sure to check on these features: 


  • Choose a tricep pushdown bar with durable materials. With the need to sustain the force of the weights and your pull, choose a pushdown bar made from high-quality materials. The make of the pushdown bar will be the measure of how long it will withstand the abrasion and friction of regular use. Choose a tricep pushdown bar with padded grips or knurled texture to protect your hands from developing calluses due to an intense workout.
  • Check the versatility of your pushdown bar. Make sure you do not miss out on the different grips using a tricep pushdown. Several pushdown bars support the different styles in hand placement. The attachments on a straight bar allow a firm grip with every type of hold. Consider your goals when choosing the versatility of the tricep pushdown bar. While the rope enables a broader range of motion, it may help you develop an excellent grip strength as compared to the straight bar.
  • Select a tricep pushdown bar that is cost-effective. Find a gym equipment store with products at a reasonable price. Even with the prime effect of the tricep pushdown routines on your arm, the excessive rates may not make it worthy enough. But with the right provider, like Home Gym For Sale Australia, you can secure not only an affordable price but also a long-lasting functionality. 



This guide is a sure way to help you get the best pushdown bar on the market. With a long-lasting pushdown that can support different techniques and variations, you won’t need to look for other alternatives anymore.