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Complete your workout with Home Gym Australia’s Tricep Rope pulldown cable attachment.
There are many ways to build and develop your triceps without the use of a weightlifting machine and other exercise equipment. However, without the help of any fitness product, the progress will be slow. You might get bored and lose interest in pursuing your goal. And worse, you’re safety while doing your workout routines may be compromised. With Home Gym Australia, you don’t have to worry. We are here to help you build up and develop those triceps efficiently and safely, thanks to the help of our tricep rope. Not only does it offer a unique way of complimenting a simple weightlifting machine, but it also opens up a new way of revitalising your passion for fitness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Tricep Rope?
A tricep rope is a cable attachment for weightlifting machines and can be made of rubber or nylon with half-sphere plastic caps to maintain your grip on the equipment. An eye is placed at its middle to link the tricep rope to the carabineer of a cable machine. Depending on how you use it, the tricep rope can be grasped by both hands or single-handedly. A tricep rope is capable of giving you multitudes of upper body exercise options and is very simple to use. When you haven’t decided yet what attachments to buy for your weightlifting machine, be sure to include a tricep rope at the top of your list.

How do I choose my tricep rope?
Tricep ropes are available in nylon or rubber materials. All of which can provide the variety of workouts you would want to do with the cable attachment. However, individuals have different preferences in choosing a fitness product. There are a couple of things you have to consider when trying to find the best tricep rope for your cable machine.

Material and Braiding

The flexibility of the fitness product is mostly dependent on the kind of material it uses. Sturdier ropes are most often made of nylon, but its flexibility is compromised since nylon is inherently stiff. As for the rubber made tricep ropes, they are supple enough and have incredible durability that it is the kind of material for people who will use the tricep rope more often.

Braiding can be a factor for having a solid grip. Larger braids are not that flexible but can offer you a more comfortable grip since the threads would not dig into your palms than smaller braids do.


Cable machines have different types of connections to their attachments. So always check what kind of link your cable machine uses before checking out your choice of tricep rope from your cart.

What are the exercises I can do with a Tricep Rope?
A tricep rope can enhance your upper body workout in no time. It might just be the only cable attachment you need for your upper body exercises. Here are some of them.

  • Triceps pushdown
  • Rope hammer curls
  • Face pull
  • Cable Pull Through
  • Seated Row
  • Cable Crunch
  • Triceps Extension
  • Straight arm Pulldown
  • Cable Front Raise

There are still a lot more exercises that you can do with the tricep rope. Among these exercises, the workout routine that most fitness buds, even you perhaps, know of using the tricep rope is the tricep extension. The tricep extension is like the summary of all the exercises you can do with a tricep rope since it targets not only your triceps but also your biceps, core, back, and shoulders. It’s the ‘one move targets all’ tricep rope exercise.

How to execute perfect form in a tricep rope exercise?
Sometimes called the cable ropes or simply a rope attachment, tricep ropes offer a wide variety of workout routines and are very simple to use. But don’t get caught by its simplicity, when the tricep rope is not used correctly, this miniature exercise equipment can bring you to your chiropractor’s clinic.

  • Firmly grip the ropes, either by one or both of your hands.
  • Keep your left and right hands at the same level.
  • Plant your feet firmly on the ground, make sure that you spread your legs a little to give you a stable stance.
  • Slightly bend your knees to keep your hips in neutral. Don’t lock your knees into a full bend since this will just remove the tension from your legs.
  • Minimise the movement of your torso and elbow.
  • Keep your spine neutral, and your shoulders should stay away from your ears.
  • Start with the least capacity you can carry. While it is true that more resistance can bolster your training. Too early of too much resistance will only encourage you to use momentum to raise the weights. By doing so, you’re not using your muscles but just plainly cheating yourself.

What are the benefits I can reap with a tricep rope exercise?
Having a tricep rope for your weightlifting machine can provide you with benefits that other cable attachments can’t. Some of these cable attachments only target one or two muscle groups, but a tricep rope is a piece of exercise equipment with lots of upper body workout options that gains you heaps of advantages. Let’s explore some of them.

Upper Body Strength Gains

Cable ropes or tricep ropes offer a variety of exercises that target your arms, shoulders, back, and abs. Most of the routines done on this exercise equipment can target multiple muscle groups. For instance, tricep pushdowns target the three components of your triceps as well as your biceps. Cable crunches using the tricep rope enhance your six-pack abs, shoulders, and lower back. The movements done on a triceps extension will boost the strength of your triceps, shoulder, forearms, lats, and chest. Tricep rope is very efficient in strengthening your upper body as well as building its muscles.

Functional Training

Tricep rope exercises are functional, meaning the strength and muscle builds that you gain help you to properly execute your everyday activities. Since tricep rope routines enhance your biceps, triceps, shoulders, abs, and back, it allows you to push, pull, press, lift, and rotate your arms efficiently. Exercising these muscles also prevents you from getting sprain in your upper body. You won’t quickly feel fatigued when doing strenuous work.

Core Engagement

It is essential in every strength training exercise that your core is involved as this is the highway by which your upper and lower body transmits its strength. Without it, your body would have isolated strengths. You can kick a ball a hundred miles, but you can’t lift a bucket of water. Most tricep rope exercises engage your core and provide you with better stability to balance your own weight as well as any stresses that are put upon your body.

For All Fitness Levels

Tricep rope exercises are suitable for both novices and advanced gym junkies alike. The intensity of each workout can be adjusted to tailor your specific fitness level. The routines are simple enough to be understood and executed by beginners, and its resistance can be increased when advanced trainers want to maximise the benefits of the exercise. It has something in store for everybody.

Improved mental health and overall disposition

Just like any other exercises, tricep rope workouts have positive effects on our mental health and overall wellbeing. Exercise, in general, boosts the release of endorphins, the natural ‘happy pill’ of our body. They are activated when we feel stressed or in pain. Say what? Yes, our endorphins are discharged by specific glands all over our body to counteract the physical fatigue and muscle pains we feel during our workout. It is the defence mechanism for our bodies to keep us from going. This is the reason why we feel refreshed after an hour or two of working out.

Are you pumped now to use a tricep rope for your cable machine? If you are, purchase one directly at Home Gym for Sale Australia.