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Get the best out of a relaxing exercise with Vibration Platforms

The best vibration platforms Australia has stepped foot on is finally here. Home Gym for Sale Australia has made it possible for the hip fitness equipment used by athletes and celebrities alike to enter Aussies homes, mostly the Everfit vibration platforms. Everfit creates the best vibration machines for home gyms.  

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Vibration platforms are great for weight loss programs and muscle building. It also has therapeutic benefits for those who have problems with their body’s mobilisation. Vibration platforms offer more benefits than an hour of gym training with your typical arduous gym equipment. So get the best vibration platform now for your home gym at Home Gym for Sale Australia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Vibration Machines Work?
Vibration platforms transmit energy to your muscles by inducing quick, involuntary shakes throughout your body. The vibrations force your muscles to contract and stretch in rapid successions, maybe 50 times a second. These fast fluctuations that occur through your muscles increase your muscle strength, coordination, and balance. Vibration machines follow the idea that when muscles are stimulated at a higher rate and multi-directional pulsations, they create micro-tears within it at a faster rate than traditional home gym equipment. These micro-tears are the reason why our muscle mass increases, translating to improved strength. More muscle mass means heavier weight for our skeletal system to carry. Our bones react to this newly-added muscle load by creating new bone tissues. This is how the vibration machine shapes up your physique ideally.

Can Vibration Machines be Used in Therapy?
Yes, the pulsating signals that vibration platforms create and transmit to the body have beneficial effects for some of us who have some kind of abnormality in our physical attributes. These can be people who suffered a stroke, joint pains, asthma, and Type 2 diabetes, and it can even help postmenopausal women.

Several studies show the positive effects of using vibrations platforms or machines for rehabilitative and therapeutic purposes. For instance, the use of this pulsating device affected the range of motion and movement of patients with Cerebral palsy. There are also studies that show women nearing the menopausal age to have limited negative effects of this natural age-related condition when using this body-pulsating machine. 

Whole-body vibrations, or WBV for some, also have positive effects on people who suffer too much pain in their joints. A case study done by a reputable research institute in Hong Kong used a vibration plate for patients who have severe joint pain in their feet and concluded that their pain decreased significantly after weeks of standing on vibration platforms.

Are there Options for me to Select the Best Vibration Machine?
All vibration platforms use the power of vibration to activate and enhance our muscle structure. They are classified based on how it shakes and to what direction it vibrates.

Vertical Vibration Platforms

As the name suggests, vertical vibration platforms move up and down to shake your body. Vertical platforms often have comfortable shaking and are very soothing to the body. It stimulates your muscles by shooting up the vibration straight through to your body. It also mobilises the efficient release and distribution of fluids in our system responsible for our body’s immunity against viruses and bacteria. This type of vibration plate is best for physically-active users; trainers, fitness buffs, athletes, and the likes. It accelerates fitness training and building and toning the muscle. This is the type of vibration platform best suited for those who have weak bones.

Oscillating Vibration Platforms

The word oscillating might sound sophisticated, but it’s just a description of the seesaw movement in the park. When the motion of a seesaw is made on a shorter platform like a piece of plank, it causes a significant amount of vibration. This kind of rapid pulsating is what the oscillating vibration platform uses but on a much lower scale. The platform shakes produced would literally rock your body from side to side. It activates our core muscles, increases metabolism, and burn calories way faster. This might just be the type of vibration platform you need for your weight loss program. Oscillating vibration platforms are great for patients who have problems in their spine, core muscles, or for the general public who have not been exercising for quite some time.

Elliptical Vibration Platforms

If you’re looking for a vibration plate that moves in all directions, then this is it. Elliptical vibration platforms move up and down, right to left, and front and back. Though elliptical vibration machines move in every direction, it gives off the mildest form of vibration among all three vibration platforms. As it moves in three dimensions, it is the best kind of vibration platform to stimulate our innate balance system – this system helps our body to orient ourselves in our 3D world. It is the perfect vibration platform for balance and equilibrium training. Elliptical vibration machines are great for elderly users who have balance and circulation problems as well as those who just want to increase their daily activity. This type of vibration plate is also suitable for people who suffered a stroke and other nervous system issues.

What Are The Considerations I Have To Keep In Mind When Selecting The Best Vibration Machine?
Vibration Characteristics

Vibration machines have their specific vibration characteristic – this is how the machine creates its vibrations. And every vibration characteristic affects our body in different ways. Most people purchase vibration platforms because they want to improve some aspect of their health. Knowing the right vibration feature for your particular problem will render the machine its primary use for you. Moreover, choosing the wrong vibration technique might cause you more problems. It would be best to consider a consultation with a fitness expert, chiropractor, or GP if you have some health problems that need addressing. You can always contact us if you need more information on your requirements for your vibration plate. We can also help you to get a hold of our experts in the field to better assist you with your specific needs.

Size, weight, noise, and power consumption

Choosing a whole-body vibration platform based on it being quieter, smaller, and lesser power consumption might not be the best decision. One of the benefits of having the best vibration machines come from the fact that it can produce more energy for your body as your fitness improves. That means if you choose a vibration platform that’s too small and has limitations on its capability, your progress might be short-lived. So be wise and consider your future well-being.

Platform Size

A large platform could afford you more exercise positions than a medium-sized one. But keep in mind that the bigger and heavier the platform is, the harder its machine has to work. And an increased platform size might come at the expense of performance. Do your research to understand what motor specifications would be suitable for a particular length of a platform. But first, you have to establish what type of vibration you need for your specific needs and pick the platform size you want with considerations on its performance.

Aesthetics and user interface

As a wise buyer, you have to be more concerned with the capabilities of the vibration machine than on its aesthetics. However, it’s not really just the physical appearance that attracts your attention but how you feel when you see it. Be sure that you like the design and the user interface is easy to manipulate. Having a piece of equipment that is easy on your eyes and simple to understand encourages you to use it more often.

What makes Vibration Platforms Unique?
Vibration platforms are one of a kind home gym equipment that can give you plenty of benefits by just standing, sitting, or lying down on it. Apart from that, vibration platforms tighten and tones your body while improving your flexibility and balance. Many people also use vibration platforms to ease joint injuries and pains and lower their blood pressure. Like any other exercise, vibration platforms improve your mood and disposition by encouraging the release of endorphins, our body’s natural happy pill. So we don’t just benefit from its physical results, but it also improves our mental well-being. Want to get one for your home gym? Contact Home Gym For Sale Australia so you can get a hold of the most suitable Everfit vibration platform right away!