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Weight Plates

When it comes to weight training, bodybuilding, and strength development programs, nothing beats the efficiency and convenience of weight plates. There’s no other fitness tool that can match what they can provide. Weight plates are perfect for any training environment, whether you have limited space in your home gym or a wide training area. They are ergonomically designed, durable, and most of all, affordable. There are tons of exercise techniques that you can perform with weight plates, and you can combine them with different exercise machines or accessories. They’re one of the most versatile pieces of home gym equipment that can offer unlimited possibilities. They can go as far as your imagination permits.

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Home Gym for sale Australia saw the value of weight plates not only in weight training but also in the overall home gym workout experience. Research says that training with weight plates is the fastest way to enhance your core muscles and develop strength gradually without causing too much physical strain. The reason for this is that you have the freedom to choose different weight classes that suits your fitness level. Weight plates are considerably durable too. They have proven to endure rigorous training even with extended periods of intense workout and drills. That makes them the ideal home gym workout buddies to accompany you from your first day of practice until you reach your fitness goals. There’s a certain feeling of security for using exercise tools that require low-maintenance with a guaranteed extended working lifespan. It saves time, money and effort. They’re the standard exercise equipment when it comes to the cost-effective training method. 

Weight plates can only be useful with the right barbell accessories. Barbells come in many different shapes, sizes, and functionality. It’s good to know that whatever type of barbell accessories you prefer to use in your training, weight plates will always be compatible with them. The compatibility of weight plates and barbell accessories is a vital turning point in the world of fitness and sports. It plays a significant role for all fitness enthusiasts all over the world. Home Gym for Sale Australia offers these incredible exercise tools with the most dependable brands in the business. We encourage you to visit our website today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are weight plates?

A weight plate is a heavy cast-iron object that is designed to be compatible with barbells for strength training. 

They are typically flat and round, but some manufacturer’s design can be hexagonal with functional grips. Weight plates are usually bare iron, but modern designers created a durable coating for maximum safety and protection for both the user and their property. 

What are the types of weight plates?

Three types of weight plates are widely used by fitness fanatics worldwide. They offer various ways of exercise techniques that provide different benefits for types of fitness levels. Here’s a comprehensive overview of each type:

General Category

Olympic weight plate. The Olympic weight plate is also known as the Olympic disc. They are considered to be the standard size in the fitness community. The centre hole measures about two inches in diameter that fits most barbells. They are one of the most in-demand pieces of home gym accessories.

Studio weight plate.  The studio weight plate stands out among all the other types because they are considerably smaller and lighter. Their centre hole typically measures about thirty millimetres in diameter. They are ideal for light to moderate training exercises.

Standard weight plate. The standard disc has a centre hole that measures around one inch in diameter. This type of weight plate is ideal for a home gym workout because of its size. They are similar to Olympic discs, but they have a slightly smaller centre hole. 

What are the types of weight plates coating?

  • Powder coating. Powder coating is the least expensive coating that provides standard protection.
  • Rubber coating. The rubber coating provides above-average protection and has a good bounce in case of accidental drops. It protects the flooring and the user at the same time.
  • Polyurethane coating. Polyurethane provides a good grip and superior protection. They are the most advance type of coating for weight plates. Although they are a bit rare, Home Gym for Sale Australia has ample supply to meet your demands.

What are your recommended barbell accessories for weight plates?

Home Gym for Sale Australia has a vast collection of compatible barbell accessories for the weight plates that we offer. Here’s a list that you can choose from:

  • Standard Weight lifting Platform
  • Barbell Pad  
  • Standard Barbell Rack Set
  • Olympic Bar Support
  • Standard Olympic Spin Collar
  • Traditional Horizontal Barbell Rack Set
  • Barbell Jack
  • Nylon Barbell Pad
  • Powder and liquid chalk (for hand grip)

What are the benefits of weight training using the right weight plate?

Weight training yields tons of health benefits not only for your muscles but also for your cardio and immune system. Here’s what you need to know about the health benefits that you can gain from adding weight training to your home gym workout routines:

  • Enhances strength and endurance.  Weight plates help develop all your major muscle groups, including the ones that are difficult to target. As your body adapts naturally to the strain of repeated weight training drills, you develop strength and endurance that allows you to perform longer and better.
  • Enhances bone density. Research says that regular weight training helps with bone density development. Your bone density naturally decreases because of age making them frail as you get older. Starting weight training early helps your bone maintain their viscosity and generally reinforce the strength of your bone structure. With the number of available weight plates in our stash, we guarantee that you’ll find the perfect piece for your fitness level.
  • Improves balance and stability. Your core muscles are activated with the exercises involved in weight training, giving them the ability to enhance support, balance, and strength for your whole body. You can gain this benefit with either light or intense workout with the appropriate weight plates.
  • Improves weight management. Muscle development burns away fats and calories faster than any other forms of exercises. As you build muscles, you also lose weight and increase your muscle mass in the process. This method is proven to be efficient by fitness coaches and physicians worldwide.

How should I buy the right weight plate?

Here are the essential features to look for in buying weight plates:

  • Weight plate type. Choose a style that will be appropriate for your current fitness level.
  • Weight plate coating. Choose a coating that provides maximum protection and safety for you and your floor. 
  • Weight plate shape. We typically recommend the hexagonal shape because it doesn’t roll off when not in use; however, the form depends on your personal preference.
  • Weight Plate Brand. Never take brands for granted. Always remember that the best brands offer the highest quality and durability.
  • Source. Choosing a reliable source is as important as reaching your fitness goals. You can trust Home Gym for Sale Australia to provide authentic weight plates and barbell accessories guaranteed to last as long as you need them. You can also check for availability anytime.

Why should I trust Home Gym for Sale Australia?

Home Gym for Sale Australia does business with passion and sincerity. We aim to provide the best home gym equipment and exercise accessories all over Australia. We also offer affordable prices with a variable option to pay, as well as a hassle-free delivery service. You can expect a safe and secure online shopping experience from our website and top-tier customer service. 

We’re ready whenever you are, so, please visit our website if you want to shop for the best home gym equipment in the country.