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Get The Best Weight Vests in Australia
Are you ready to take your workout training to the next level? Best Home Gym Equipment offers weighted vests to help you reach that goal. We have all kinds of weighted vests for any Australian junkie, men or women. There are several options to choose from, depending on your aim. Do you want to tone your body, build your muscles, enhance your cardio endurance, or gain that ultimate muscle strength? Weight vests are the best equipment to complement your daily workouts. The added weights from the vest concentrate all the weight to your natural centre of gravity that makes any traditional training more challenging. It allows you to test your limits.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Weight Vest?
The weight vest is a weighted fitness accessory that you can wear. This weighted apparel is adjustable so you can modify the fit in your torso. The additional load can increase the force of your muscles even with simple routines like walking or running. These wearable weights will keep your hands free to hold other gym tools. You can even put on the weighted vest while doing house chores to tone the upper body muscles like shoulders and chest. This weighted accessory has various options in length and weight. With Home Gym For Sale Australia, you can choose from the different choices of weighted vests to find the perfect pair for your training. We offer quality accessories to the men and women in the sports industry. With our standard in gym equipment, you can own the weighted vest with the most stars in the review section.


If you compare the regular exercise loads with the weighted vest, the weighted vest does not limit the range of your movements during a routine. Furthermore, this weighted accessory can develop the strength of the chest muscles more during an exercise. Although both are an excellent source of resistance during training, the weighted vest is far more convenient and portable to use. If you compare the versatility in exercise, the regular weights are limited to the routines that do not require hand support while you can use the weighted vest for any workout.

Why Should I Use a Weight Vest during a Workout?
The wearable weight gives more resistance to your training. Whether you want to improve your endurance or level up your cardio routines, these weighted vests will provide the extra challenge you need. Here are the reasons why you should use a weight vest right away:


  • Weight vests improve stamina and endurance. The additional load of a weighted accessory brings more tension to the muscles. By addressing higher pressure during training, you can enhance the endurance and stamina of your muscles. Whether it's a body bearing exercise or muscle building training, weighted vests help in conditioning your muscles to get used to the presence of high-resistance. 


  • Weight vests increase core strength. The muscles increase in size to cope up with the pressure from the tension of movements or the presence of weight. The weight vest gives a consistent presence of stress to the upper body area. While doing your regular exercise, you can enhance your muscle capacity with a weight vest. The use of a weight vest will hasten and level up the process of muscle building and strengthening. If you are into ab-building rounds, this weighted accessory will be the perfect gym tool for you. 


  • Weight vests burn calories faster. Using the weight vest as an add-on load to your routines will not only speed up the heart rate but also your calorie burn rate. Your muscles exert more effort during a workout when you are wearing a weighted accessory. The extra load of the weighted vest can quickly exhaust your energy source. The body supplies the nutrients to the target muscles by burning calories. With a wearable weight, you will achieve not only stronger muscles but also a leaner body with a well-defined shape and tone.


  • Weight vests provide versatility to workouts. Through the use of a weight vest, you can add more challenge to your workout. Maximise the effects of simple exercises with a weight vest to keep the activity dynamic and fun. You can choose a weight vest with adjustable loads to have control over the degree of resistance. 


  • Weight vests improve sport-specific skills. If you are into sports, you can build your skills more using a weighted vest. Create a presence of resistance through an increased load to activate your target muscles more effectively. The pressure from the weight vest will improve your speed and muscular force during the game. By using a weight vest during legwork exercises, you can achieve lighter and quick footwork when playing different sports. The strength you gain with the wearable weights can help in establishing the right stance during a rogue game. Getting your muscles adapt to the load of the weight vest during training will condition the body to feel light during the actual play. 


  • Weight vests augment cardio routines. With a weight vest, you do not have to run an extra mile or jump an extra hour to have an efficient cardio workout. The additional force from the weighted vest during warm-up exercises will help to activate and condition the body efficiently before intense training. The weight vest is available in different pounds and adjustable length so you can divide the force among your upper body part. Wearing a weighted vest will condition the heart and lungs faster than doing a simple exercise. 


Through the additional weight of the vest, you can increase muscular capacity and strength. Even if you are not into hardcore training, you can benefit from the weight vest through its effects on the heart and endurance.

How do I Choose a Weight Vest?
Selecting a weight vest should be as precise as selecting other gym equipment. Whether it is for cardio or CrossFit training, choosing the right specification of the weight vest will give the desired result. Here is a choosing guide for men and women before buying a weight vest:


  • Comfort Fit. Choose a weight vest that is not too large nor too small. Although some weight may vary to its size, wearing a large vest will only limit your range of motion during the workout. Although these wearable weights will work the shoulder muscles, all the same, you might want to start with a load you can carry but not limit your movement.


  • Right Length. You can opt for a chest-length type or longer variations. Match the size of your weight vest with your upper torso. Some longer-type of weight vests have weights incorporated in the whole garment to give more tension to the abs.


  • Adjustability Feature. Aside from the adjustable straps, you might want to consider the convenience of adding weights to your vest. Typical weight vests have removable weights so you can easily change and modify the load. With adjustable weights blocks, you can complement the resistance to the intensity of your exercise.


  • Cost-effective. Find a supplier that offers both durability and affordability of the equipment. Choose a product that has high-quality material to withstand the wear and tear during your training. 


Meeting these four criteria is a sure guarantee in helping you own the right weight vest for you. With the right weight vest, you can achieve your fitness goals in no time.

Where can I Buy a Weight Vest in Australia?
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