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What do I Need for a Home Gym? : The Essentials

what do i need for a home gym

Are you decided to build your own gym at home?  You may have been inspired to continue staying fit amidst what is happening in the world today. The good thing is that you would no need to travel far and wide to find the best home gym equipment because they are all available online. Just check out Home Gym For Sale Australia’s website, and you will find the most recommended gym essentials that you have to purchase for your personal fitness space. The next question would be, ‘What do I need for a home gym?’ Let this article guide you and help you determine what gym essentials would suit and address your fitness goals.


How should you Choose your Gym Equipment?

There are many factors that you need to consider when planning and building your home gym. These may be categorised into three: your home space, your budget, and your fitness preference.

Home Space. Do you have a big enough space in your house to fit the necessary gym equipment that you want for your fitness area? In truth, your home space primarily dictates the amount and size of the home gym equipment that you need to purchase. Why? Because what is a home gym if you cannot use the machines and accessories safely and efficiently since there is no legroom for it. You must first determine where in your house you would design and build your home gym before getting the right stuff to address your exercise goals.

Budget. Have you saved enough money to purchase gym essentials? It is common knowledge that gym machines and accessories are not cheap. High-quality ones typically have higher price tags, though this is not the case all the time. You, as a responsible customer, should know your budget allocation ahead of time so that you can choose the right gym equipment for the right price. What’s great about Home Gym For Sale Australia is that we carry high-quality gym essentials ranging from affordable to high-end brands and models without sacrificing the quality.

Fitness Preference. What exactly do you want to achieve with your home gym setup? Are you planning on losing weight? Building muscles? Training for a competition or a professional sport? The answer to this question dictates the kind of home gym equipment that you should purchase. Losing weight? Home gym equipment or accessories that can facilitate cardio exercise will do. Building muscles? Strength conditioning and weight training machines must be part of your design. Professional training? Allow your home gym to house expertly-chosen machines specifically training your indoors. Need help? Ask Home Gym For Sale Australia so we can give you intelligent recommendations and important pieces of advice to guide you into building your fitness haven.

What do I Need for a Home Gym?

Now that you are aware of what factors or elements you should consider before dealing with home gym equipment purchases, we can now give you an idea as to what basic pieces of personal gym machines and accessories you should have. Please take note that not all of them should be bought at the same time. You need to prioritise and plan out your spending based on their usage, financial allowance, and your fitness goal.

For Tight Budget and Space

Home gyms may sound extravagant, but they need not be expensive. Yes! You can plan out your fitness space just by buying affordable but durable home gym essentials. The following are budget-friendly gym finds that are versatile and can handle any fitness training you would ever require, may it be cardio, weight training, or recreational or wellness exercises like Pilates or Yoga.

what do i need for a home gym

  • Exercise mat
  • Resistance bands
  • Free weights (dumbbells or kettlebells)
  • Jump rope
  • Exercise balls/ stability platform/disc
  • Suspension Training System

For Weight Loss

The truth is, as long as you lead an active lifestyle and you are balancing healthy exercise with proper diet, you can definitely lose weight. But, if you want to take it to another level, then maybe designing your home gym to fit cardio exercise machines and accessories that help you burn calories and tone your muscles can help. You can choose between the different cardio exercises equipment options that we have on our website depending on your preference, and add to that some useful accessories to complement your cardio workout.

  • Treadmill
  • Elliptical machine
  • Stair climbing machine
  • Stationary bike
  • Rowing machine
  • Jump rope
  • Wearable weights
  • Light free weights

For Bodybuilding

For men who love challenging themselves every single time, the options in getting gym equipment for their man cave are endless. What you have to decide on is how much change do you want to have in your body and performance so that the products that you should get could address all that appropriately. Just keep in mind the important tips and tricks that many gym trainers and instructors tell when you are just beginning to develop your muscular physique. Depending on your home space and fitness requirements, here are some of the home gym equipment that you can choose to purchase for your weightlifting haven.

what do i need for my home gym

For Flexibility And Wellness

Pilates and Yoga are two of the most famous mind-and-body exercises that many prefer to perform at home. If you are one of the people who want to develop their core strength, balance, flexibility, and posture while keeping zen, here are the gym essentials you should take note of.

  • Exercise mats
  • Resistance bands
  • Foam rollers
  • Pilates reformer/ trapeze table/ chair/tower/ladder barrel
  • Pilates or Yoga balls
  • Pilates rings
  • Pilates grip socks and gloves
  • Yoga blocks and wedges
  • Yoga bolsters
  • Yoga blankets
  • Yoga mat rolls


Need help in deciding which fitness equipment you should get? Do not hesitate to call Home Gym For Sale Australia so our friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives can guide you and give you insight on what gym essentials and accessories you should get to complete your home gym and accommodate your fitness needs.

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