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Get Your Essential Yoga Accessories Home Gym Australia
Yoga practice has always been a popular choice for fitness enthusiasts of all ages. Yoga exercises are among the easiest exercises to perform that can provide tons of physical and mental health benefits right inside your home. As the principal supplier of the most reliable home gym equipment, please allow Home Gym Australia to enlighten your senses on how to choose the right yoga accessories. 
Home Gym Australia has been leading the online market for a long time in offering all kinds of exercise equipment, including yoga accessories and more. We achieved our top-notch reputation by providing only the best fitness equipment, earning the trust of our customers all over the country. So when choosing yoga accessories, the best team to contact is none other than Home Gym Australia.

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Yoga essentials
As a beginner, choosing the right yoga accessories can be quite tricky. To begin with, there’s only a handful of accessories to choose from. The most common piece of accessory you’ll notice in yoga practice is the yoga mat. Most yoga exercises require a minimum set of equipment. Yoga practice, by itself, is a form of exercise that involves different postures rather than using accessories. But don’t worry, we’re sure that you will find everything you need in Home Gym Australia; just visit our website to know more. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I choose pants or shorts for my yoga practice?
Yoga pants and shorts are one of the must-have yoga accessories and they come in all types of colours. It’s better to choose the dark ones since you expect to be slightly smothering the floor. Black dark grey, navy, or brown are the most popular colours of these yoga lower garments. You can mix and match these tights to a wide variety of tops. Choose high-quality ones to ensure that they last longer.

Tight pants are better for flexibility and free you from any entangled fabric that could be annoying sometimes. They also come in a myriad of colours and designs so there’s always something that will best fit you. Now, if you’re not into fitting apparels, there are jogger or harem style pants that are elastic around the ankles. These are loose enough to provide you with more space to move your body, and they are also stretchy. You don’t have to worry about tearing it apart during downward dog poses. They won’t even show your thighs since the ankle’s elastic band would prevent it from sliding down.

Yoga shorts are more preferred by men yogis but can also be worn by ladies, especially if you want to practice hot yoga. It would be advisable to choose form-fitting spandex shorts or looser shorts with tights underneath to avoid putting yourself in an uncomfortable position of uncovering yourself during poses that need you to raise your legs.

How about tops? How should I select one?
Tops, as yoga accessories, need to be snug fit, so it doesn’t fly over your head when you do bending and downward poses. Form-fitting shirts or tank tops are the most popular among yogis since they are offered in a wide variety of selections, and you might already have one in your closet. If you intend to practice hot yoga or you sweat a lot, a top made of moisture-wicking material is recommended. You have to avoid using tops with itchy tags and those that can chafe under your armpits. Avoid cotton shirts at all costs as they are very absorbent and you would feel uncomfortable after just a few minutes of yoga session.

Are there any undergarment suggestions that are best for yoga practice?
Sports bras are a must to yoga exercises or any kind of workout if you’re a woman. Though yoga is generally a low impact fitness activity, you should wear a sports bra to enable you to have a more comfortable yoga session. Your choice of sports bra would also depend on the type of yoga practice you are going to do like power vinyasa, which needs more support when you are twisting and inverting.

Underwear just like your tops and lower garments need to have layers that allow you to breathe, draw out the moisture of your sweat, and will enable you to move freely. It shouldn’t also bunch to avoid your privates being irritated or squeezed by your underwear. Your lower undergarment should also somehow stick to where it should as you go into deep stretches. Some actually choose form-fitting underwear.

How do I choose my yoga mat?
Yoga mats or sticky mats are the most basic yoga equipment you need to have for your sessions. Other than providing you with your own personal space, yoga mats create traction for your limbs, so you don’t slip and cushion your body from the hard floor. Choose yoga mats that will give you enough traction to perform your poses. If you have slight to moderate weight, a 1/8” thickness of yoga mat would be suitable for you. For heavier individuals, select yoga mats that are ¼” thick. This will give you the traction and cushion you need for your yoga practice. Also, make sure that the size of the yoga mat you’re angling can cushion your overall body when you lie on it.

Yoga mats come in different style and make. There are yoga mats made of rubber, vinyl, and cotton. Eco-friendly mats are also available in Home Gym for Sale Australia. We have natural rubber, plastic elastomer, jute, and hemp yoga mats. They are all eco-friendly materials that you can use.

Are there any other yoga accessories that I might need?
Of course, there are always accessories you might need considering every individual has his or her own preferences and conveniences that need to be met. We have compiled a list of some of the yoga accessories that would let you enjoy your yoga practice to the fullest.

Hair Ties and Headbands

Hair ties and headbands are essential yoga accessories for ladies and gentlemen practising yoga that have long hair to secure it in place and prevent it falling into your eyes and face. Your hair can be a distraction and may cause you to lose your form and focus, which are very essential in this fitness activity. A basic hair tie or headband should be enough.

Yoga Socks

Invest in yoga socks that have grips on the bottom to give you traction while doing the poses. Absolutely, no using of the standard socks, this will just make you slip and trip through the transition of poses.

Do you have available yoga equipment that I can use for my yoga session at home?
Yes, we have all the essentials and yoga accessories you need for you to have a refreshing and satisfying yoga session at home. We have blankets, slings, blocks, straps, bolsters, wheels, and many more. If you want some guidelines on how to select the best yoga equipment for you, please read on.

Mat Bags or Slings

These yoga accessories are essential when you want to use your yoga mat outside of your home. These yoga accessories do precisely as what they’re supposed to do – they make it easy for you to carry your rolled mat and sling it onto your shoulders or across your body.

Slings usually have Velcro straps to lock your rolled mat in place, and some variations have pockets for storage. Bags, on the other hand, have only two versions. One uses a Velcro strap to keep your rolled yoga mat secured inside a larger gym bag, and the other has a zipper or snap closure to hold your rolled mat. Both styles of yoga bags provide storage for clothing, and other accessories you need when you do your yoga session.


You might need these yoga accessories if you don’t want to directly lie down on your yoga mat or protect it from sweat and dirt. Blankets come in handy for all sorts of things when you do your yoga poses. If you are not practising in a private space at home, you might want to cover yourself when you do poses that make you feel vulnerable. Also, blankets are essential when you need to lift your hips during seated poses. And it’s good to have a blanket near you after the session is over for convenience in wiping your sweat.


These are the yoga accessories used to maintain proper alignment of the body and are very useful when you do exercises that need your hands to reach for the floor. When you place your hand under the block, you are, in a sense, raising the floor and not compromise the pose. There are individuals who don’t have enough mobility and flexibility on their core and thighs to do poses such as the half-moon pose and thus need the support of yoga blocks.

Yoga blocks come in foam, wood, or core and can be used to stand at three different heights, making them more versatile to accommodate your needs. Home yoga practice needs this yoga accessory so that you can work your way through the poses and not render your exercise a waste of time.


Yoga straps, known to most yogis as yoga belts are your arm extenders. These are the yoga accessories used for poses where you need to hold onto your feet, but you are not yet flexible enough to reach it. The straps are also great for poses where you need to clasp your hands behind you back. If you don’t have enough shoulder mobility, you will not be able to do this pose. Yoga straps got this covered for you.